Thursday, September 29, 2011

31 for 21

In October I will be joining many others in the Down Syndrome community and attempting to write a blog entry every day during the month of October for Down Syndrome Awareness month.  The campaign is 31 for 21 and the idea is to create a new entry every day to help raise awareness for Down Syndrome.  Not every entry has to be about Down Syndrome, but each one should mention the cause.  I will attempt to add the button (not sure how to do that yet) to support the 5th year of the campaign 31 for 21. 

I haven't quite figured out what to say for 31 days (although those who know me will wonder why I'm worried about that), but I do already have plans to discuss this with my kids at school as most, if not all, of my current students are unaware that this particular campaign and awareness month affect me and my family directly.  So I'm mustering up the courage to talk to them about it and will hopefully be able to answer any questions while still keeping my composure. 

I'm guessing not all of my posts will be the most riveting thing ever written, but if anybody could inspire me, it's Tera.  Wish me luck, and bear with me for the next month :)

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  1. Oh good luck talking with your students! I recently mustered up courage to talk to a group too. I lost my composure a little at the end but I felt pretty good about doing it!