Sunday, September 11, 2011

It's the dreaded Sunday night again

As another weekend comes to a close I look back over the past 2 days and wonder where the time went.  This weekend seemed less busy than last weekend, but full of things to do nonetheless.  We got our grocery shopping done on Friday night which while not all that exciting, was definitely much appreciated this morning when we didn't have to do it after our ritualistic trip to Starbucks.  Instead we got to spend a truly enjoyable afternoon visiting my sister in law and still healing brother in law for snackie football Sunday.  I missed most of the game, but had a great time visiting with them and our best friends and their new little girl who we hope, when they're closer in age, will be just as good of friends with Tera as we are with them. 

I haven't been sleeping well for the last month or so and my husband keeps telling me that as long as I'm not sleeping, I might as well get something done on my list.  Well this morning, after getting up with Tera, feeding her, reading to her, playing with her, and putting her back down, I did just that.  I made all my lunch stuff for the week, started the dishwasher and picked up the kitchen.  This alleviated so much stress this afternoon, it was definitely worth feeling tired right now from not trying to go back to bed for some extra sleep that wouldn't have come anyway.  I'm definitely still trying to find my balance of managing taking care of the house, Tera, and myself, but I'll get there.  Eventually...

I used to get major anxiety on Sunday nights and I anticipated this being the case this school year and that it would even possibly be worse since I would not only be returning to work on Monday mornings, but I would be doing it and leaving Tera at the same time.  I have to say, that while I don't enjoy Mondays still, and I always wish I had more time with my family at the end of a weekend, I'm handling it better than I thought I would. 

So that being said, I'm going to say good night and hope that I can maintain what I've established as the motto for myself and the girls at work: "Be positive, not peppy, but positive."

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