Monday, October 10, 2011

Day 10

We had another first today:  Tera's first school pictures.  My mom and grandma think it's hilarious that we call her daycare, school, but she works hard and learns new things there so I think school is a pretty accurate description.  Anyway, they did pictures today; so despite the fact that Tom and I were both off of work and home with her today, we of course took her in to school for her pictures, because how could we pass on that? And, there's no shortage of people in our family who will order them...
Posing for pictures just wore her out...
We had a great weekend as a family and it was even better because it was a 3 day weekend.  Before Tera was born, and before Tom had more vacation time, I was used to spending school holidays at home by myself, but this is soooo much more enjoyable! We took her into school for her pictures, got coffee, stopped at Toys R Us and Babies R Us, came home and I baked cookies while Tera and Tom played, we had some necessary financial discussions, and then we sat down to watch Lion King.

One of the things I always thought about before I got pregnant and then of course when I was pregnant, was how we'd be able to share all the things that Tom and I enjoyed doing as kids with our baby.  However, one thing that continually went through my mind right after we received her diagnosis and during many of the months that followed, was how things would be different from what we imagined. 

During that time and those months, as I met and talked with other parents of kids with Down Syndrome, one of the sentiments most commonly shared was to never forget that she is just our baby first.  The Down Syndrome is a part of her, but it doesn't define her. 

It's definitely been difficult adjusting to many of the things that we've had to think differently about since she's been born.  One of the other things we're also currently dealing with is how to plan for her future financially.  We had planned on setting up her college fund right after she was born, but because we don't know what further education will mean for her, we can't take the chance of tying up her "college fund" in something that she can't use.  We've decided to contact Gigi's to see if this is something that other parents are struggling with and seeing about setting up some type of seminar that can help all of us. 

But as I've said so many times before, and I'll continue to say because it needs to be our focus; is that for right now, we just take it one day at a time.  And for today, that meant sitting with our girl on the couch and watching her eyes just light up at the opening scene of Lion King on Blu Ray and telling her how much her daddy and I loved watching the movie (and still do). And how when she's a little older we'll take her to see it on stage, and despite the fact that many people aren't encouraging their 7 month old to watch tv, I'll proudly say we looked for cartoons to watch with her this morning and we'll finish watching Lion King with her (though it make take several nights). 
She's ready and waiting for Simba to make his appearance.  And playing with Daddy's iPhone...

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  1. I was so excited for Andrew's first school pictures last week too! Not like we don't have enough pictures anyway, but for some reason school pics are extra special :)