Thursday, October 20, 2011

Day 20

It's been a very long couple of weeks filled with a lot of stress, a lot of exhaustion, a lot of frustration, but also some highlights.  Tera has been rolling; LOTS! We really do have to keep an eye on her (she's already dunked her hand into the dog's water dish) now that she can move in both directions.  This was something we worked with her on for a while trying to get her to keep the right form and feel what it was like to do it.  For a while it really seemed as though she just had no interest, but apparently she's a big fan of it now. 

She also loves this new move we call "planking".  It's not really planking (not in either acceptable definition of holding yourself in the up position of a push up or the laying across or on objects for the puprose of humorous pictures), but when she started doing it, that's what we thought of and it has stuck.  What it really looks like is she is trying to do is fly by rocking back and forth on her stomach with her arms and legs in the air.  It's hilarious to watch and she does it CONSTANTLY! At first we were concerned that her PT was going to tell us it was sign of something she shouldn't be doing, but in fact she says it demonstrates a lot of strength.  That's our weird little kid for you.

But one of the things I'm most excited about is she seems to be really close to sitting.  This has been a hard one for me because I've been really good about not comparing her with other kids, but it seems like this particular milestone was one where I kept seeing or reading about other kids either her age or younger who were able to do it already (both with DS and without).  At the beginnning of this week I didn't notice any difference, but we were also preoocupied with her rolling abilities.  Then last night I put her on the kitchen floor to pet the cat (who was not necessarily a fan of this plan) and I tried putting her hands in front of her to prop her up which usually results in her whining and not only did she not whine, but she was able to hold herself up without sliding forward or sideways! I was so excited I showed her teacher this morning who then worked on it all day with her and then this afternoon she was even more stable than usual without even putting her hands down!

The part I've struggled with throughout all of this though, and this will sound strange I warn you, is that it's sometimes hard for me to hear how great she's doing and how she's hardly delayed at all because so far, in all the things I've read, there hasn't yet been an individual with DS that hasn't been delayed at some point.  In my mind, albeit a mind that is tired and overwhelmed, while I love that she is doing so well right now, I keep waiting for the point when she will be obviously delayed compared to other kids.  I know that sounds like a negative way of thinking, but I see it as trying to be realistic.  There is no cure for DS.  She's not magically going to grow out of it.  We've known all along that the reason we started her Early Intervention when she wasn't significantly delayed was to hopefully avoid, or at least minimize as many delays as possible, so in that respect, she's been incredibly successful.  And I know she'll continue to be successful because all indications so far are that she is strong, and stubborn (that comes from multiple places) and determined.  However, I have to be cognizant of the fact that EI won't prevent all struggles and I just hope I can handle those struggles when they come because my little fighter hasn't given me much practice in the "I just wish she could do this..." category.  Oh well, I guess there are worse things I could be worrying about :) Oh wait, I do...

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