Friday, October 21, 2011

Day 21

Friday's have been a bit tough for these posts because it's when I'm the most exhausted.  Today is no exception.  I thought I'd actually be able to catch up on and stay on top of some work today and just stay until I was done, but my dearest little Tera had other plans.  Apparently she thought it would be more fun to get an early start to the weekend so she threw up a few times at school and ran a fever.  Mission accomplished; she got me out of school and got Yia Yia and Papou to pick her up early.  I raced around trying to get my stuff together to get her to a 2:30 doctor appointment to try and figure out why this happened for the 3rd time in about a month. 

Fortunately, I have some pretty great coworkers who helped me out and I was able to gather my stuff, pick her up, get her to the doctor, and...learn nothing.  We saw a pediatrician other than her usual one and I liked him a lot.  He was very thorough and basically admitted that he also didn't understand how she could have three separate episodes of throwing up twice, running a fever, and then 12 hours later being totally fine. 

So far tonight she's kept down a bottle, some cereal and some fruit so we'll see what tomorrow morning brings.  Unfortunately, as I've said before, it's really difficult with her because we don't know if it's a normal thing or a complication due to another issue she has.  We're currently wondering if the vomiting and fever in conjunction with the fact that she seems to have only gained a little less than half a pound in about a month means something related to her heart, so it looks like I'm putting a call into the cardiologist next week. 

In the meantime she's sleeping peacefully and we're looking forward to visiting with Auntie Cassie tomorrow and then the Halloween party at Gigi's on Sunday. 

It also means I have to add Oxy Spray to the grocery list because this kid could be the poster child for stain remover.  She'd be like the Gerber baby for Oxy...

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