Monday, October 24, 2011

Day 24

It's hard to believe that my first blogging project is in the home stretch.  I've received more positive and encouraging feedback than I ever imagined.  I will admit, some nights have been more difficult than others, but a few people have encouraged me to continue this beyond the 31 days and I do believe I'm going to try.  I like the idea of being able to look back on this time in our lives a few years from now and reflect on how far we've come.  I've always enjoyed and benefited from journaling and I really like looking back and reading what I wrote.  Many times I laugh at how something that seemed so important at the time, seems trivial when I reread it.  I try and reflect and adapt regularly as a teacher and though I know how important and effective it can be, I'm not always good at doing it in my personal life.  I truly hope that I can use this in helping me be a better wife, mom, friend, sister, daughter, and teacher. 

Tera was much better today and we're hoping for an illness free week (or even more if possible).  She's been without fever for over 24 hours and was in much better spirits today with Yia Yia and Papou watching her.  Tomorrow she goes back to school and has 2 therapy appointments so we'll see how the day goes, but I'm guessing she'll be in bed early tomorrow night.

One of the things Tom and I have discussed as her therapies have increased is trying to limit her therapy appointments at home to one a week if possible.  One of the big advantages to her being at Montessori is that they are more than willing to let her therapists do sessions while she is there, but even more importantly, they were excited about it so they could learn what strategies to use with Tera to help her reach her highest potential.  So far it's been working out very well and has alleviated some of the stress at home.  This week however, is a little crazy.  She has PT Tuesday, a hearing test Wednesday, ST Thursday, dinner at my grandma's on Friday, pumpkin carving on Saturday, and hopefully visiting one of her favorite aunts and her 1st grade class on Halloween in her costume! I'm exhausted just thinking about it...But either way I'm so excited about her first Halloween.  I have so many memories of this time of year and Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and I just can't wait to share some of my favorite traditions with her.  But I digress onto another topic and it's getting late and as one of my favorite former students likes to remind me, I'm old.  So it's off to bed I go...

These little feet just constantly remind me of complete innocence and utter perfection.

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