Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Day 26

Tera is 8 months old today!!!!

I can't believe it's been 8 months already.  I feel like I've experienced more happiness, sadness, stress, joy, love and worry in this time than I have in all my life.  However, to celebrate, we decided to have her hearing tested.  I know, we really know how to live it up...

Since she was given antibiotics at birth, and one possible side effect of the antibiotics is hearing loss, we need to get her hearing tested about every 6 months.  Also, another bonus to her bonus chromosome is an increased susceptibility to hearing loss.  She passed her newborn hearing screening, and then Lake Forest Hospital sent a letter saying we should get it tested at 4 months because of the antibiotic so I had to take her in for an incredibly inconvenient and pain in the ass hearing test. 

A few months ago her PT suggested we take her into SEDOL (Special Education Dept. of Lake County) to get her hearing tested again.  Since this is where Tera's services will be when she turns three and as long as we stay in Lake County, all the way through high school, she thought it would be a good idea for them to have a baseline assessment and it's free to us.  So after forgetting for a while, I finally made the appointment and today we went. 

I have to say, out of all of the appointments we've had with doctors and specialists, this was one of the appointments I was least concerned about.  Tera's always responded well to us and noises around her so we had no reason for concern.  This test was MUCH easier than the last one.  We sat with her in a room and one of the women called to her and said things and played noises from another room and the other woman read the reactions and expressions on her face to judge if she was hearing them.  She did very well on this part and they were extremely impressed with what she was able to do.  Then they had to do another test in which they transmit sound into her ear and measure how much of an echo it produces in her ear drum to see if there's a blockage or fluid.  Unfortunately, she didn't do as well on this part.  The echo came back as pretty much non existent so it means she either has a blockage or fluid.  They were aware of the fact that she is on medicine right now for her sinus infection and that that could be causing it so we are apparently going back in 3 weeks to get it retested.  At this point, if the same thing happens, we'll probably have to follow up with the ENT again to see what could be causing it. 

The two women administering the test couldn't have been nicer or more impressive in their abilities.  At the very least, if this becomes a regular test she has to take, it will be with another set of people in this journey that I'll be happy to work with. 

The downside to this little adventure today was that due to the fact that every road in Lake County is under construction, and that she had only apparently taken a 30 minute nap and had a wet diaper, the ride home was slightly less than enjoyable.  But we got home, gave her a bottle, and I finally got the snuggle time I so anxiously await each day. 
My little pumpkin :)
I find it funny I take so many pictures when she's in her car seat, but it's the only time she stays still!

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