Thursday, October 27, 2011

Day 27

For the most part, the last 26 days' topics have come fairly easily, not every day, but most days.  Today I'm stuck.  So instead of thinking about how things are different from the way I envisioned them, I'm going to focus on what I want for Tera's (and our) future. 

I want Tera to be her own person.  I look back on when I was younger and remember how I wanted to be like everyone else.  It wasn't until I was a little older (and when I started dating Tom) that I felt comfortable really being myself and sharing my interests and hobbies.  I want her to have her own unique interests and hobbies and to never be ashamed or afraid of sharing them with other people.  If she wants to dye her hair blue and style it in a mohawk (I mean again of course), I want her to feel comfortable asking us to do that (I have a hard time imagining we'll say no).  I want her to have lots of friends, but ones that are meaningful to her and important and care for her the same way she'll care for them. 

I want her to try hard in school and always do her best.  If she is treated unfairly or not expected to work up to her potential, I will fight like hell to make sure she is.  And if she misbehaves or is disrespectful, I will be the first person telling her she knows better and dishing out the consequences. 

I want her to have an amazing relationship with her family.  I want her to be insanely close to her aunts and uncles and have a truly unique relationship with her odd parents (our version of god parents; yes we know we're different).  I want her to be excited every time she gets to see her grandparents and know that they would do anything for her. 

I want to take her on shopping trips and get our nails done and have the same amazing relationship with her that I have with my mom.  I want her to share hobbies with her dad and learn how to install stereos and build things and watch movies together. 

I want her to be an athlete in a sport she loves (we'd choose something on ice, but it's not the only thing she can do) and join activities and find something she truly excels at. 

I want her to be able to choose a career, not just a job, that she loves.  I want her to find love and happiness and get married so I can watch her dad walk her down the aisle. 

I want her to be independent and strong and sensitive and caring. 

I know not all of these things will happen, but I also know it won't be because she can't, it will always be her choice. 

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  1. I love your dreams for her. What a great lot of choices she will have!