Saturday, October 29, 2011

Day 29

Tonight we are baby-less.  My mom has graciously offered to suffer through baby-sitting Tera overnight.  Or maybe I should say we were gracious enough to let her steal Tera because usually when I pick her up, my mom is the one thanking me for letting her stay. 

When I was pregnant our family was already arguing over who was going to get to watch her when.  My grandma joked that she had better be a good baby or everyone was going to regret offering to baby sit.  Fortunately, that has NOT been the case. Not even close.  She has had her moments in the last 8 months, this afternoon for an hour was one of those times, but for the most part, she's the easiest kid in the world to watch.  She sleeps through the night (most of the time), she wakes up happy, and she can play by herself for periods of time so you're not committed to her every second she's with you.  I do however know for a fact that both grandmas get far less sleep than Tera does when she stays with them because they're both constantly listening to her and checking on her.  But they love every second of it. 

My mom has 3 girls and kind of was hoping for a grandson, but is also obsessed with babies and so it made no real difference when she found out we were having a girl.  She and my step dad figured they already knew what to do with girls so they were just better prepared.  My mother-in-law had 2 boys and was so excited to finally have a little girl.  Since she is a talented seamstress and knitter, Tera has already been on the receiving end of so many hand-made gifts (including her pumpkin hat).  She loves being able to pick out pink things (though she tries to limit it and was the one who bought my skull diaper bag) and puts a bow on Tera's head every time she watches her. 

Then there are the grandpas who are just over the top in love with her.  Their time for fun will definitely be coming in the next months as she is able to do more and more.

Her aunts and uncles are a whole different story.  I have 3 sisters and a sister in law who might have just been obsessed with this baby before she was even born.  Now that she is here, they are the most insane! I don't know that gender would have affected the number of gifts she's already received, but I think being a girl, has given her just a bit of an edge.  And her uncles are just perfectly suited to be the most fun this little girl could experience.  They will also be entering their prime time in her life in the next few months as she becomes more aware of the people around her and can really start playing.  Although she is definitely a soft spot in all their hearts already...

If you couldn't already tell, or didn't know, Tera is one of the luckiest little girls in the world.  She has a family and group of friends who would do anything for her and will always be there for her.  People who have spent time learning about Down Syndrome and supporting us and the resources available to us.  People who have taken an intense interest in her development and growth.

There are times when this journey has been so overwhelming and during those times I try to remember that all those people are there for her, and us, and it makes the stress and worry, that much more bearable.  Thank you to all of you are reading this and to those of you who are and are a part of her family, by blood or not, thank you as always.  We couldn't do it without you. 
The face that started it all...

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