Monday, October 31, 2011

Day 31

Today is my last official "31 for 21" post.  This is bittersweet for me as I won't be racking my brain late at night for ideas when I'm exhausted, but I will also have to start coming up with witty titles again when I attempt to continue my blogging experience. 

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and I'm always sad when it comes to an end.  I love my Halloween decorations, the scary movies, coming up with clever costumes (which I did not do this year), and the weather of course.  Yes I love the cold, windy, overcast weather that just seems to perfectly capture the Halloween spirit.  I'm also a little sad that this is the end of yet another "1st" for Tera.  I have to say, she was one damn cute Jedi Master, and we were able to get in most of the Halloween experience.  We didn't get to a pumpkin farm like I always want to, but we did get to experience another fantastic carving party held by our second family (and our pumpkins cost $2 each). We didn't go trick or treating, but honestly, that wasn't much in the plan because dragging my 8 month old, perpetually congested and prone to every germ imaginable daughter outside in the 40 degree weather didn't really seem like the best idea.  Oh yeah, and she can't eat candy.  We did get lots of pictures and she was able to visit her Auntie Cathy and her first graders and spent a whole day with her Papou while Yia Yia went back to work for a day. 

It seems as though all of her firsts have been like this.  Each time one comes and goes I feel like I didn't do something I could have or didn't take full advantage of it and then it's gone.  But really, when I take a minute to think about it, anything I might not have done, probably wasn't that important anyway. 

This is one of those lessons I'm constantly learning.  Just yesterday for example I was going to try and get some work done and looked up to see my baby was playing on the floor and I realized, the work would still be there when she went to bed, but that I didn't want my weekend to end without having played with her a little more.  I have definitely had a few times when I just wanted to hold her, or rock her to sleep, or be silly with her and something hasn't gotten done.  But so far the world is still spinning, my house is still standing, and I haven't once regretted spending that time with her.  But I have regretted spending my time doing other things when I could have been with her.  I know this will always be a struggle for me, but it's definitely easier to make the choice of "should" and "want" when I look into those amazing eyes and her face just lights up. 

Thank you again to everyone who has followed me during this amazing journey this month.  I hope you'll continue to read and I of course promise pictures as an incentive...

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