Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Day 4

**As somewhat of a foreward, I was inspired by another blogger for today's post.
If there is one thing in this world that I know will make me feel better after any kind of day, it's seeing Tera's face.  After having been back at work for over a month now I can honestly say, no matter what my mood is when I leave work, when I walk into her classroom and see her face, it changes everything.  The reason this is important during this month of awareness (because who doesn't love seeing their kids' faces after a long day), is because her features were obviously one of the first concerns that came to me after her diagnosis. 

I'm here to be brutally honest: in today's society, how you look makes a difference.  There are many other things that you can get by with having (not to downplay the severity of ANY of those) and most people probably wouldn't know.  However, that one special little chromosome does make its mark in lots of different places and facial features are one of those things. 

I'm obviously completely biased, but Tera was a beautiful newborn.  I'm not one of those people who thinks all babies are cute, but she really had adorable features.  They're also one of the things that tipped off her pediatrician.  In her particular case, she has somewhat lower set ears, the differently shaped eyes (which are my favorite feature on her face), and the protruding tongue.  One additional feature that I'm particularly in love with, is a telltale space between her big toe and the rest of her toes on both feet.  So when I look at her face, I think to myself, here is this amazingly beautiful little girl who really knows nothing of the struggles she's already endured and will more than likely endure in her future, but almost always smiles the minute she wakes up, as soon as I pick her up from school, and definitely when her dad comes home and she sees him for the first time.  I look at her face and I see the features that will stand out more as she gets older and will make her different, but it's the only face we know and I can't imagine my life without it.  I look at her face and many times I don't even think about how she will be different, I think about how she is our baby and that no matter what, that will always come first. 

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