Thursday, October 6, 2011

Day 6

Since Tera has been born, I've found it more and more difficult to stay on top of things.  There is of course the typical absent-mindedness that accompanies most new moms due to lack of sleep and the constant attention demanded by that sweet little baby on top of your already existing responsibilities.  I'd love to blame it on that whole lack of sleep thing, but as many people who know Tera are well aware of, she's an amazing sleeper.  I know that's a scary thing to admit to people who may be reading this and thinking, "and she's complaining about what exactly?" But it's true.  She's been a great sleeper since the day we brought her home from the hospital.  So in my particular case, it's not the lack of sleep that I can blame.  I do however, find the neverending struggle to schedule things, overwhelming at times. 

Tera was receiving physical therapy twice a month, developmental therapy twice a month, and speech therapy once a month.  After her six month review, we increased her physical therapy to once a week, and speech therapy to twice a month.  All along we've planned to do some of her therapies at her daycare which is not only willing to have them, but wanting to learn new things to do with her.  When her therapies increased we figured it would be the perfect time to start having some of them with her teachers.  What we didn't plan on was that most therapists aren't necessarily available for both morning sessions at school and late afternoon sessions for us at home.  So now we're running into all new scheduling dilemmas.  Once upon a time I worked out 6 days a week and competed in a fitness show.  Now I've worked out twice in about six weeks. 

So after all of this it's probably not surprising that I somehow managed to enter the wrong date into my calendar for Tera's speech therapy appointment and thought it was today when it was actually next week.  On the plus side? I got to spend about an hour with my girl, with no therapy, no talk of her next goal or what we need to work on.  It was a great way to spend an hour.

So I have to say that one of the upsides to Down Syndrome, is truly being able to appreciate the little things like normalcy and quality family time.  When all the chaos of the worry about the future, and her health, and therapy appointments, and doctor appointments dies down, I really love just sitting with her on the couch and watching her play with my hands and rub her hands on my face.  I love when it's just Tera time.

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