Friday, October 7, 2011

Day 7

Well things could have gone better this evening.  After picking Tera up from school and getting her home, she proceeded to projectile vomit all over herself.  She seemed to feel better afterwards and after a much needed bath and change of clothes, I fed her some dinner at which point she wasn't quite looking herself.  Admitting defeat, I wiped her down and decided to sit with her for few minutes.  She took this opportunity to then empty her stomach through her mouth and her nose this time, which really seemed to upset her (not surprisingly).  Then my perfect little girl got fussy.  Now I will be the first one to admit I have an incredibly easy baby (all things considered) and so when I say she got fussy, I mean, this is a sign to us that something is definitely wrong.  Trusting my instincts I took her temperature to find it was 100.4.  Something was definitely not right.  Her teachers had said she'd been tired today and had taken longer naps than usual, but the fact that she didn't sleep well last night as a result of some ongoing congestion and that she had physical therapy at school seemed the more likely culprits of her fatigue. 

So after calling my mom (of course that's the first person I call) I call the doctor and ask for him to be paged.  They call back with the typical, "it could be a virus but it's really hard to say and there's not much that can be done so keep an eye on her, etc".  Meanwhile, it's 5:30, she's in just a diaper, and falling asleep on Tom's shoulder.  So we lay her down in her crib where she's been sleeping since (it's currently 8:45pm). 

How again, does this tie into Down Syndrome? It's just another instance of me wondering when does something happen that's just normal kid stuff and when is it a "complication" for lack of a better word due to the Down Syndrome? There have been several instances in the past 7 months when I really want to just give in to the new mom syndrome overworrier, but then in the back of my mind I'm wondering if it's one of the symptoms of her heart condition, or lately, something related to a plethora of things that can be attributed to small passages and canals (sinus, throat, ear, etc.). 

One of our many doctor appointments will be to the ear/nose/throat doctor in a week and when I made the appointment and it was a month and a half away at that point, I thought it wouldn't be a big deal to wait that long.  Now I have a rather lengthy list of questions and concerns for an appointment I thought would be just to have her checked out. 

It's these types of things that make me constantly second guess myself and my instincts about how serious something is.  One of the more fun things she's done is literally woken me up, from the next room with no baby monitor on, because she started choking in her sleep.  I believe she has shaved years off my life with these instances because I literally leap from bed and run to her room to check on her (and no I haven't imagined them, she really is choking in her sleep).  So on the top of my list of things to ask about is sleep apnea which seems to affect an estimated 50% to 75% of kids with Down Syndrome. 

Then there is the congestion.  She is definitely teething so that could be it, but I really do think she may suffer from allergies (as indicated by the rather large bags under her eyes that she was lucky enough to inherit from me).  Does this mean a pediatric allergist is next on our list?

So hasn't thrown up in over 3 hours and she's sleeping comfortably, but until she wakes up and I know she can eat and not throw up again, I'll be stuck wondering if it's another random occurence and not get an explanation or are we looking at another round of the stomach flu which we all just got.  Because of course, a compromised immune system is another bonus from that extra chromosome (well that, and she's at daycare). 

In the meantime, I'll try and get a few things done and maybe go to bed earlier than planned, though it's already 9:00, and just spend my sleep worrying like I know my mom has done for the last 30 years.  A sign that there is something normal about our lives after all.

It's a little blurry but I love it.  She is absolutely her happiest in the morning.

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  1. Who needs coffee in the morning when you get to wake up to that sweet little face? :)