Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My corny Thanksgiving "thankfuls" Part 1

I’m going to be totally unique this week and share what I’m thankful for.  I know, it seems to be a theme around this time of year…

Here goes (and these are not in order of importance):

My husband.  I really can’t explain how lucky I feel to have him in my life.  He is truly my best friend and has seen me at my very worst and still claims to love me.  We have known each other since 7th grade and started dating in high school so we’ve kind of already spent a lot of time together and in that time we’ve learned so much from each other.  I think what I’ve learned most from him, is to just enjoy things and how to be myself.  I was not exactly what you would call a rebellious kid, but as my mom will tell you, I became a little more unique when we started dating and when we got married( we had a black wedding cake and a gong among other things).  I finally found someone who I shared interests with and they weren’t necessarily the things that other people expected from me.  I like heavy music, hockey, I have multiple ear piercings, 2 two tattoos, and I love skulls and zombies.  We have been through some very hard things together including Tera’s diagnosis at birth.  I cannot imagine a better dad for our little girl.  He helps me out when I’m stressed, is a great cook, buys me flowers when I’m down, and always reminds me he is sweet and adorable.  He is one of the two best parts of my life and I wouldn’t be me without him.
My sisters.  I have 3 and you would think there would be a lot of drama with that many girls, but we are definitely not that way.  I am the oldest and take my role very seriously.  They all know that if they need anything, I will be there for them (as will Tom which is another reason he is so amazing).  However, they also make sure to remind me that I don’t always have to be the strong one and I depend on them for so many things.  They are my lifeline so much of the time and I know that I can call or email them and they will always respond quickly with encouragement and support.  I have cried and laughed with them on so many occasions and we have dealt with pain, grief, happiness, sadness, support, disappointment, and of course joy.  Two of them were the first ones to know when I was pregnant (the third one had to wait until we could tell my mom) and they were of the first ones called when Tera was born.  The hardest part has been that one lives pretty far (Charlotte) and one lives closer but not here (Springfield) and the other one is only 15 (16 in two days!) and lives with my mom.  But despite the distance we have remained close and they absolutely adore Tera in a way that just makes me melt.  My baby sister (not so much a baby as she will have her license soon) has also been quite the doting aunt and I love the fact that it doesn’t seem like so long ago that she was the baby of the family and my other sister and I spoiled her rotten.  I also love that she does get to spend a lot of time with Tera; I really feel like they will have a special relationship because they’ll be closer in age than many aunts/nieces are.  I love these girls more than they will ever know and am thankful every single day for all three of them.

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