Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My corny Thanksgiving "thankfuls" Part 2

And continued from yesterday...

My mom: There can exist a relationship between a mother and daughter unlike any other.  This does  not automatically happen, but is something that has to be developed and nurtured.  My mom is my role model.  She is an amazingly strong woman who I have more respect for than I could ever express.  She has loved being a mom and I have never once questioned her love and devotion to us and she is one of the reasons I wanted to be a mom myself.  Since the day we announced my pregnancy to her, she has been over the moon excited for her first grandchild (which she’s been not so subtly hinting at since the day I said “I do”).  On the day Tera was born, she was almost the happiest I’ve ever seen her and she was the first person we shared Tera’s diagnosis with.  When we told her, she didn’t break down, but instead told us that she would be “ours” no matter what and would never lack for love and she surely has not let her down.  I have called her so many times since Tera has been born with questions, with joys, and in tears because I didn’t know how I could handle it and every time she was there to talk me through it.  She has always said it is a truly unique experience to have a daughter because once that daughter becomes a mother herself, you will always have something to bond over.  She is truly the best mom I could ever hope for and the best Nani in the world for Tera. 

My whole family:  They are just the best.  They are so incredibly supportive and loving and funny and caring that I can’t imagine my life without them.  My Dad gave me my love of hockey and is just so enamored with his granddaughter.  I don’t think he could be a prouder Grandpa and made it possible for Tera to sit in the Stanley Cup.  He never wavered when we told him about Tera and while I wish I could have been there to see her sit in the Cup, I know it he just turned to mush when he was there for it and then could take her around and show her off.  My in laws who are just so incredible.  Not many people can say they legitimately like their in laws, but I am just so lucky to have them in my life.  They are always there for us and have helped us out so many times and never once had to think twice.  I married into a phenomenal family and just couldn’t be happier for Tera to have them in her life.  My brother-in-law and sister-in-law without whom it would have been very hard to get through those first few days after Tera was born.  They were with us at the hospital whenever we needed them, helped us out at home while we had stay with her, and I don’t know that they could love Tera anymore.  They have been our friends, our family, our support, and two of her biggest fans. 

I could spend all day explaining how every member of our families has been so great, but I want them all to know how incredibly special they all are to us.

More to follow tomorrow..
My mom with her little girl
My mom with my little girl
Tera and Grandpa and the Stanley Cup

Tera with her Yia Yia and Papou

Tera with her Auntie Cathy and Uncle Mike (aka Admiral Awesome)

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