Friday, November 25, 2011

My corny Thanksgiving "thankfuls" Part 3

Our friends: I just recently read a post in my Baby Center forum that asked how many people’s friendships have changed for better and worse since the addition of DS into their lives, and sadly a lot of people commented how their friends have just slowly faded away.  I can’t believe how different this is from our situation.  Our friends have been nothing less than amazing (both before and since Tera’s birth).  Even their families have followed Tera’s story and many of them follow her FB page and share their support.  Words can’t express how much more than just friends they are; they are all truly a part of our family. 

My coworkers: These ladies definitely fall under the friends category also, but they are a unique group of friends because we spend so much of our time together.  I was one of the last ones of my coworkers (my age anyway) to get pregnant and they were all so excited when they found out.  In fact, three of us were pregnant at the same (almost 4 depending on when you start counting).   When Tera was born I shared the news with one of my best friends/coworker and she shared it with the girls at work.  I had a whole department of coworkers, a boss, and an advisory group of students that were all anxious to find out about my new daughter.  I asked two of them to share the news with my department and my kids.  This was really hard for me because I knew my seniors would be worried and they took care of everything.  They sent us food, checked on me, and oooohed and aaaahed over my beautiful little girl and they all said all the right things.  Since I’ve been back at work, they have continued to be as supportive and have made the balance of work and home more bearable.  They have made me say no and helped me to realize my limitations, my strengths, and priorities and I love them to death. 

Tera: I think this goes without saying.  I’m going to make it short and sweet though.  She has made me appreciate life in a way I never thought I could.  She has made me slow down (which is ironic considering how high maintenance she is…) and let go of unimportant things.  She has defined perfection and made me realize plans change, but love doesn’t.

Ok, I think I’ve thanked almost everyone except the mailman.  If you’re reading this and you don’t think you fall under any of these categories, just know that by reading this, you definitely fit into a category of supporters I am so thankful for and maybe before I’m done posting thanks during this week, you too will be included.   

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