Friday, November 4, 2011

My little puck baby

I was pretty much born a hockey fan.  My dad played from the time he was a kid and still played somewhat regularly as I was growing up.  He taught me how to skate and I was hooked.  I did figure skating for 7 years and loved it, but while I did ok, I wasn't going to make it a career.  By the time I got the competitive level, it was either 100% dedication, or get out and I got out. 

When I was younger, hockey for girls wasn't even really acknowledged.  But I'm fairly confident that if it had been, I really might have done that instead of skating.  I wasn't really a ground breaker and so I just stuck with skating and then watched hockey with my dad.  I've always been a pretty tough person and so it wasn't surprising that my favorite player, Bob Probert, was one of the toughest, highest penalty minute earners in the league.  My dad took us to games when we could and I watched them, when I could (at that time Wirtz senior decided fans would come to more games if the games weren't televised).  Then I started dating Tom.  He was that tall guy that either wore hockey jerseys or black and we talked hockey.  Mind you I had already known him for several years and knew he was a fan, it just worked in my advantage I could pretty much hold my own in a conversation about our favorite sport.  When he played in high school I went to as many games as I could.  When he played intramural floor hockey in college, I sat through the games at the rec center.  When he joined a Friday night league that played every other Friday from September to May, I spent many a Friday night the only wife in the stands.  And I believe other than, what turned out to be the night before Tera was born, I only asked him to miss 2 or 3 games in about 7 years. So yeah, it's a part of my life.

When the Hawks won the Stanley Cup, we were watching it with some of our closest friends and it was a truly great experience.

Last year we finally had the opportunity to see, and touch, the Stanley Cup after years of the tournament it was at, being held on the same night as my parent conferences.  I stood next to the greatest symbol in hockey with my pregnant belly and swore somehow or another, my future baby would be in the Stanley Cup at some point. 

Well, that finally happened last night.  Without me.  Because yes, once again, conferences had to be scheduled on the same night.  But my gracious in laws were wonderful enough to pick Tera up from school and drive her down to the tournament where my dad had all the right strings pulled to get them in and get her in.  Into the Stanley Cup that is..

So without further ado...

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  1. I've lived a good life. I was 5 the last time, before the most recent, that the Hawks won The Cup.

    I've been to many games, witnessed many hockey events, but so far, to this day, my greatest hockey moment was seeing my grand daughter sitting in The Stanley Cup. I thank Andrea Hahn and Kevin Mann for making this possible. These pictures will always bring a tear to my eyes. The only thing that would have made this better was if my own daughter would have been there. She couldn't because she's so dedicated to her work (as a teacher) that she decided that her daughter's greatest moment, would be missed. Now that's dedication. This will live forever as the most memorable moment in my life.