Sunday, November 13, 2011

On the road to simplifying...

I actually have about 5 ideas to write about right now, and I've been meaning to do this for the past few days, but the weekend has been characteristically busy and unpredictable.  Tom and I have been counting down the days to this weekend because we both had Friday off and we've desperately needed it.  We were able to go to Gigi's (finally) and brought my sister Gaby with us. When we got home Tom was able to get some yard work done and Gaby, Tera, and I watched Nightmare Before Christmas (Tera's first time).  We had a lovely sushi dinner with some wonderful people, and went to bed.  Tom had to get up early to help our friend Tim move and I woke up very nauseous.  And then proceeded to throw up.  6 times.  My best guess is that my beloved sushi didn't sit well with me and so I spent a beautiful Saturday feeling like crap.  On the plus side, I have an amazing mother who had dearly missed her beautiful granddaughter and came over to help me take care of her until I was feeling a little better.  So instead of having a whole day to get stuff done, I got nothing done. 

I did still get to spend the whole day with my amazingly cooperative and well-behaved little girl and I've come to realize that the more time I spend with her on a weekend, the harder it is to go back to work.  You'd think that if I was able to spend a good deal of time with her I'd feel all filled up with Tera, but no.  It has made it harder.  How can I win?

So tonight I'm feeling that all too familiar anxiety and wish for the weekend to be longer.  Just a little more time to get some stuff done, a little more time with my family, a little more time to relax (maybe that should be some time to relax, more would imply there was some in the first place). 

One of the things we were able to accomplish was some cleaning of the house.  Not the dusting, washing, and straightening kind of cleaning, but the eliminating of "stuff" cleaning.  Tom announced to me that he wanted to change the look of our living room, dining room, and kitchen area by getting rid of some things.  The things of course were things that I had wanted, but I'm always a little antsy to change the look of our house so I somewhat reluctantly agreed to put away some decorative things that would simplify our look.  But then when I got going, there was no stopping me.  I'm pretty sure he didn't anticipate us doing this today, but seeing as how it was his idea, he wasn't exactly arguing.  So in the span of an hour, we put into the crawlspace an end table, several decorations, a large vase, 6 teapots, a little cabinet storage thing, some large fake flowers, and 2 smaller vases.  We also removed the wood trim from around the top of the cabinets and decided to change our curtains.  I've been a little restless lately so apparently I was ready for some change and my adorable husband was all too happy to oblige.

One of the topics we discuss frequently is our current and future housing situation.  Our house currently is pretty adequate for our needs.  However, if there is a sequel (that's how we refer to any future child) our space could become a little tighter.  We love our house, but our bedroom is small, we have no master bathroom, and our closet storage sucks.  We've toyed with the idea of an addition to our house in lieu of moving to alleviate some of our issues, but it really depends on how our family situation looks in a few years.  The other very key factor we have to keep in mind now is the possibility of Tera always living at home and how that would work.  And so the debate rages on.  But in the meantime, we have pared down our "stuff" and I can feel like we ended our weekend on a productive note. 

Time to sit back with my wine and do some Christmas shopping planning.

And tonight I'm including a video of Tera's new favorite face to make, because I cannot stop laughing when she does it.


  1. Cute scunchy face, Tera! I know of a wonderful house, not far from you, that'll be available next summer! ;-)

    Julie H. from Grayslake...I mean Minnesota.