Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Day 14

So yesterday was my husband’s birthday.  He used to love his birthday.  In fact, when we first started dating, he had a birthday week.  Yes, the whole week was devoted to his birth and he loved it.  However, because his birthday is in December, and the middle of December at that, it sometimes gets lost in the shuffle of the holidays.  It’s always hard to plan stuff because everyone is so busy and then there’s the weather.  The year he turned 21, there was a snowstorm on his birthday and we couldn’t even go anywhere.  So in the past few years it seems to have lost its appeal for him. 
Now here’s the hard part for me.  Tom always does a fabulous job with my birthday.  Two years in a row he did an amazing dinner party (yes he cooked and it was out of this world) or he’s taken me somewhere or I get a spa treatment.  It’s always very special and he always does and/or spends more than he should.  But I’m not complaining…Anyway, when it comes time for his birthday, there is a high level of expectation on my part.  It’s really hard to live up to what he does.  And this year was an epic fail.  I had one of the worst days I’ve had in a while, we had a slight scare thinking Tera might have a hernia which led to an unplanned trip to the doctor, I came home from the doctor to find out our cat had thrown up in 3 places, and we were both exhausted.  On the plus side for him, our fabulous friends picked up sushi and came over for dinner (the only downside being I very unfortunately seem to have lost my taste for sushi, hopefully temporarily, due to a recent episode of food poisoning ).  I then spent the rest of the night making cookies and paying bills.  One hell of a birthday celebration.

 Plus I’m always conflicted with what to give him for Christmas as opposed to his birthday and where it could be an opportunity to get him something really nice and combine the two, how much fun is it to not get anything on either your birthday or Christmas? The dilemmas! Well this year I really dropped the present ball.  He was being unusually difficult in telling me what he wanted this year (everything he wanted was either too expensive or has just bought himself) and I came upon a great deal on a coat, which he’s been wanting.  Here’s my other dilemma.  My husband is 6’6” and you could lose him if he turns sideways he’s so skinny.  This makes for quite the challenge while shopping for clothes.  So I found what I thought was something he’d like, in a size I thought would fit, and it was on sale! Happy days were here again.  Then it arrived.  On his birthday, which made me a little nervous in the days preceding it, and I noticed the package was smaller than I thought it would be for a coat.  So I open it and realize, that what I thought was supposed to be a winter coat, was really more of a fall jacket and to top it all off, when he opened it, it didn’t fit.  Pretty awesome gift , huh? So it’s back to the drawing board.  I’m determined to find this damn coat in a size that will fit him, for a reasonable price, and that will actually keep his usually hypothermic body somewhat warm for the next 4 months or so. 
Back in the day when birthdays were more fun (and moms made cakes that can't be bought in stores)

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