Thursday, December 15, 2011

Day 15

Today I am thankful for many things.  One of those things is not my computer which seems to have developed a bit of an attitude when it comes to booting up, but that's another story.  I also lost my flash drive which contained a final exam on it and one of my friends found it, which was a HUGE relief! I spent almost one whole class period looking back and forth for this damn thing and worrying about the possibility that one of a 135 students out of a total 2,500 students that might be an Honors Geometry student would find it and have the final exam at their disposal (not the answers, but the questions).  But alas, it has been recovered.  Then I lost my Sam's card/credit card while at Sam's and either a good Samaritan or responsible employee was nice enough to bring it back to the service desk so I could pay for my food (no I have no idea how I lost so many things in one day). 

Then I picked up Tera and we got to play together before she went to bed.  Then my computer barfed again and once again I was able to temporarily save it so I could work on getting my Christmas cards out.  I love sending out our Christmas cards because we know so many people look forward to seeing what Tom has created.  It also reminds me how many people we have in our lives to be grateful for.  And this year that list seems to have grown exponentially. I am constantly finding new ways to be grateful for everyone in our lives right now and I can't begin to express my excitement for the holidays.  Obviously I am incredibly excited about Tera's first Christmas (I just bought her official first gift from us today) but I'm also excited for everyone else to be able to enjoy it as well.  They've been excited since before I got pregnant, then last year, they were even more excited.  I can't imagine how amazing this year will be for all of us. 

Now I'm enjoying some popcorn and wine while Tom and I watch the first episode of the Winter Classic behind the scenes show on HBO. Watching the Winter Classic has been an anticipated activity for both of us on New Years Day for several years now.  This year however, since football is on Sunday which is New Years Day, the NHL decided to hold the Winter Classic on Monday January 2.  This pretty much sucks because I am back at school on January 2.  So instead Tera and Tom will enjoy it while I go back to work (not so grateful for that). 

And last, but not least, tomorrow is my last day before break and oh boy do I need it...
Card from last year...

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