Sunday, December 18, 2011

Day 18

So I realized that I promised to give an update on Tera's health yesterday and then completely forgot.  So here goes...

As a result of 4 failed hearing tests, we are scheduling tubes to be put in her ears.  When I say she failed four hearing tests, I mean that while she was able to respond appropriately to sounds, all four tympanograms that she's had have come back completely flat which means that she either has fluid or a blockage in ear.  After her most recent test, we consulted with her ENT and we've decided to just go ahead and do the procedure.  He supports the decision and his personal opinion is that typically with kids that have developmental delays, he tries not to push it off any farther than he has to in order to avoid any additional delays.  It's a minor procedure that should only take about 15-20 minutes but they do have to put her under.  We asked that as long as she is under that they do an endoscopy to check for reflux or any other issues she may have in her throat. 

While neither one of us is excited about having her under anesthesia, we know this is the right thing to do so that she doesn't have any additional reasons to be delayed in speech.  We know that the fluid is there whether she's congested or not, so if she still can't hear well even when she's not sick, when will it get better? We'd rather not wait and see so I'll be calling tomorrow morning to try and schedule it.  The doctor gave us the option of either Evanston Hospital or Children's Memorial in Chicago and I think we'll be opting for Children's just because of her heart condition I feel a little better about being there. 

So that's her ear situation.  Hopefully by tomorrow I'll have some answers about when the procedure will take place and we can anticipate our already VERY vocal little girl possibly becoming even more verbal...

I think that's the big stuff for right now.  We had a possible hernia scare earlier this week but it was a false alarm and all GI issues seemed somewhat resolved for the time being. 

Right now, I'm grateful I don't have to go to work tomorrow.  I have a workout and grocery shopping planned and then the little one and I are going to visit her dad at work.  Bedtime...

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