Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Day 20 (a few hours late)

So last night was the first night I forgot to write.  And by the time I was in bed and remembered, I definitely was not going to get back up again.  So here I am.  It's 5:20 am and my daughter has decided to wake up at 4:40, play in her crib, and then fall back asleep.  I of course realized she had fallen back asleep after already getting up.  So, why not be productive right?

The worst part of forgetting to post last night was that it should have been an important one in relation to my goal for this month: not losing sight of what's important.  It was important because things are beginning to get in the way of that goal.  I had a ton of errands to run yesterday and my mother-in-law was wonderful enough to take Tera for the whole day so I could do them. This of course meant venturing out into the public 5 days before Christmas.  This may have been a mistake and is a fantastic reminder of why I do most of my shopping online. 

I actually love to shop.  But I do not love to shop at this time of year.  Because people just plain irritate me.  The first example is when I got to the mall.  A man was standing next to his car loading stuff in with his kid sitting in a stroller next to the car.  Now, as a new parent, I can vouch for how long a process this could be between putting the items in car, then the kid, then the stroller.  But this dumb schmuck decided they just had to have that parking space and was waiting.  The parking was nowhere near full and really, they would have just had to go about halfway down the aisle to get plenty of spaces, but no, they were going to wait for that one.  I looked at them several times in hopes that my look of disbelief would encourage them to reconsider their laziness. 

Then I get in the mall.  Oh boy.  I knew where I had to go and in those places it wasn't awful, but it's just the way people act in public.  Like when you're looking at something and have no concept that there may just be other people that have to get around you.  I'm not kidding, I'm just no good in public, people make me nuts.

So after my day out, I of course got home and had to reassess my gift situation and came to realize I had forgotten/screwed up two important things (three if you count the fact that I misspelled "family" on some custom cards, who the hell does that?) and was stressed all over again.  And it occurred to me again, that I was losing sight of things.

So today, here is my goal: I feed my (still sleeping, by the way) little girl, pack up her and my gym bag, drop her off at school, go workout, and get a manicure/pedicure.  Then I pick her up for speech therapy, she naps, and I wrap presents and make spaghetti sauce.  And while I'm wrapping presents, when she inevitably wakes up after only about a half hour or 45 minutes, we'll watch Christmas movies together while she plays and I hopefully continue to wrap (with some help from her I'm guessing).

I'll post again tonight to see how my well planned day turned out...

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