Thursday, December 22, 2011

Day 22

3 more days... Not that I'm excited or anything.  Today Tera's 1st Christmas ornament arrived, which is pretty amazing considering I just ordered it last Sunday.  I've been so hung up on wanting to pick the perfect 1st Christmas ornament from us (she has several already from other people), that I had completely forgotten to look and it just dawned on me last Sunday that she still didn't have one! So I found an adorable one on Etsy, was able to get it personalized, and it arrived today.  However, she still doesn't have a stocking at home.  Because I was also determined to find a stocking that I liked, not necessarily an easy or fast one, and hence she'll hopefully have it for next Christmas.  Along with the birth record I'm still working on...

I still can't get over how exhausted I am every night considering I'm not working this week, but I guess when I still get up at the same time (Tera doesn't care to sleep past 5:30, and that's if I'm lucky) and actually manage to workout and then run around like a crazy person, it'll wear a person down. 

Tomorrow we have no appointments and we're going to try and visit Santa with Yia Yia; two days before Christmas, at the mall, mid morning, should definitely be interesting...Then it should just be a relaxing afternoon watching Christmas movies and playing.  Tomorrow night we have dinner with Tom's cousins who we haven't seen in a while and I'm looking forward to visiting with. 

Tomorrow is also Tom's last day of work for the year.  He's off all next week and I'm soooo looking forward to it because it will be the most amount of time we'll have been able to spend together since Tera was born.  It's so fun to watch Tera be so much more aware of when we are around and it's so obvious how excited she gets when Tom gets home from work.  Even today when I took her to the chiropractor, the doctor's assistant was holding her and I was standing right there and she put her hands out to me as if to say, "Hey mom, if you're just standing there, why aren't you holding me?"  There are so many things that I thought about being excited for when she was little that are now happening and because they happen so gradually, I almost don't notice that she wasn't doing them before. 

Just one of so many ways she's growing up too fast!
More paper eating shots...

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  1. Yay for celebrating the small things...and Tera ;)