Monday, December 26, 2011

Day 24/25 (both too late)

Ok, I know I've not been as successful as I hoped in my 31 days of December blogging, but it was close to impossible to do the last 2 days so here goes. 

It was a good, but crazy two days around here.  Christmas eve day I spend most of the day cleaning and preparing the breakfast I was making for Christmas morning.  Although I did relax a bit in the morning which was nice.  Then for Christmas eve we go to Tom's parents with all of his family.  Because Tera's bedtime is usually around 7 and they were having everyone over at 6:30, we tried to squeeze in an extra nap so she could stay up a little longer.  Well apparently she was just way to excited about her new gifts and all of the EXTRA attention, because she didn't go to sleep until almost 10!

Christmas morning she woke up at 5:30 which isn't that bad for me because I usually can't sleep on Christmas morning anyway and now she's just a good excuse for us to have to get up.  Tom and I didn't get her much because we knew everyone else would but she loved what we got her and then he and I were able to exchange gifts.  She just loved being in the middle of all the paper.  Then my inlaws came over and we did gifts with them and they were able to give Tera all her presents.  It was so much fun being able to watch her open her presents (with help), but then really actually seem to enjoy everything.  I wasn't sure how much she'd really be aware of everything but she would start to play with one toy as soon as it was opened and then as soon as she got the next one, play with that one.  I have to say, the family did pretty well in not going TOO crazy and they really did pick out a lot of things her therapists had recommended so I know they will all be excited when she has her next sessions.  Once Tera went down for her nap, we had breakfast, said our goodbyes, and then we got ready to start the rest of our day.

We always go to to our best friend's parents house before we go to my mom's because it's right down the street from her (we all grew up together).  Tera of course got more gifts there and we really enjoy being able to go because to us it's just another part of our family.  They adore Tera and Tom and I always manage to eat too much.

From there we went to my mom's and unfortunately by the time we got there, she was getting tired but not wanting to go to sleep.  This made for a hectic arrival because we had to try and put her down right away and then try and get her to go to sleep.  She also unfortunately only slept for about 30 minutes when she should have been closer to an hour at least since her morning nap also wasn't long.  This led to an over an hour hysterical crying fit which turned out to be a combination of still being tired, and another constipation issue.  Not to get to graphic here, but one of the more unfortunate things she's either inherited or suffers from as a result of the DS, is tummy troubles.  This was one of those days and she was in a lot of pain for a while.  Tom and I were trying everything and FINALLY, she felt better, but it had literally been pretty much an hour straight of screaming crying from my good natured little sweetheart.  Once that had passsed, she was in a better mood and could finally open her presents.  I have to say, one of the best parts of the two days was seeing how excited everyone else was to watch her open her gifts. 

So today we got into post-Christmas mode.  When we got home last night and put her to bed, Tom and I tackled the project of unloading the car and then sorting through the mountain (that's not an understatement) of gifts she had received and trying to put stuff at least in the right areas.  We have an endocrinologist checkup this morning so I'll try and post an update tonight.  But the really hard part is knowing that my break is already half over.  I really need to focus on relaxing this week and not worrying about that or I'll make myself an anxious wreck.  I still need to maintain my goal of remembering what's important and this week it's the fact that I have a whole week off with not only Tera, but Tom too! That hasn't happened since she was born and that was a slightly more stressful situation.  We're both looking forward to visiting my sister and brother in law in Springfield this week for a few days so we are forced to relax.  So I will end this morning's post (I'm really going to try and post again tonight to catch up) with one of Tom's favorite quotes that he had put on a frame for me:
"Enjoy every sandwich"

This is from before Christmas, but I haven't had time to upload the other ones yet. They're coming...

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