Monday, December 26, 2011

Day 26

What a great day.  We had to take Tera to the endocrinologist for a follow up and he said everything looks great.  We go back in four months, she continues her pill, and we cross another concern off our immediate list.  Then we headed over to the mall, picked up a few tshirts for Tera at Baby Gap (one girl shirt and two boys because how is a plain blue and gray shirt really designated as boy?), picked up our 50% off calendars and headed home to make space for all of Tera's "stuff". 

It was productive yet restful today complete with movie watching and internet surfing.  I do have to say, one of the hardest parts of my day is when I check on Tera after she's fallen asleep.  She's so incredibly peaceful and snuggly looking that I just want to scoop her up and never let her go.  I love standing above her and listening to her breathe and knowing she's sleeping so soundly.  But then I remember why I'm truly happy listening to her sleep soundly and it's because I can also go to bed and hopefully do the same.

I think based on how exhausted I am and have been that I really need to try and simplify things next year for the holidays. I probably think the same thing to myself every year, but I figure this year and in future years, it would probably really be a good idea.  Now, if I could just figure out a way to do that...

Off to bed for me, being at home is exhausting!

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