Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Day 27

Today I continued with Operation Get Crap Out of Our House.  This is an ongoing battle for me in my war on simplifying my life and on some days I feel I'm winning and others I feel like I should throw up the white flag (I'd like to use some witty history reference here, but I'm a math teacher, not a history teacher).  Today's project was cleaning out my closet, well one of them.  I have a lot of clothes, I've never denied that.  But when there are items you forget you have, or haven't worn in years but keep hanging onto just in case long enough that they are no longer in style, it's time to eliminate them.  I think I made some progress today and think I actually know all the shirts I own and would wear, or will wear as soon as I can make it to the gym enough times to get rid of my last stubborn pounds post sweet baby. 

Our cleaning expedition has also brought up the question, not for the first time, of what is an acceptable amount to spend to eliminate clutter/chores in the name of simplicity? This past summer we paid a neighborhood kid to cut our grass every week to every other week.  It was something I used to be able to do during the week during the summer when I was home, but with Tera still being little at the time, I didn't feel comfortable leaving her sleeping inside when I couldn't hear her over the roar of the lawnmower and we had so much stuff going on with her already it was worth the money to not have to worry about it. 

Now, after Tera's Christmas miracle haul, we're left wondering, where does all this crap go? So we literally moved furniture and bought a large storage bin that we could move throughout the house with her stuff.  Our next task is style.  Tom and I both prefer a cozy, uncluttered, slightly out of the norm kind of decorating style.  For example, my bathroom and our bedroom have multiple posters of pinups from the 50's and 60's.  We just love the era and the look and nobody is naked so that's what we chose.  Our latest project is our living room.  We need new chairs, a large picture for the wall, and to eliminate two large, but very classic speakers.  Tom loves them, but they take up a lot of space and he even more than I, wants to replace them with new wall mounted speakers.  This being Tom's area of expertise and a favorite hobby of his, means they of course are not cheap replacements (though not by far the most expensive thing he's chosen).  So we go back and forth, spend the money and free up room or save for a while? This is also the case with a new wall mounted microwave and replacing a computer that makes us both crazy.

And so we ponder.  In the meantime, I continue cleaning stuff out and creating new piles of garbage and give away and leaving each completed room with a sense of ahhhhhh...

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