Thursday, December 8, 2011

Day 8- Bring back Community!

It is with a heavy heart that I write about what might be the last episode of a classic television show in the Theodore household.  Tom and I are not typically huge fans of network tv shows; we prefer the violent, not so edited, living on the edge series on movie channels such as HBO and Showtime (and more recently Walking Dead on AMC and American Horror on FX).  Now, I do have to say, MY favorite show is actually on FOX.  I love me some Bones and it's one of the only shows I actually try to watch on the actual night it airs (gotta love DVR's). 

We are still fairly consistent watchers of The Office, but while Dwight and Jim almost always still elicit a good chuckle, it's not as good as it used to be.  And speaking of chuckles, we're late comers to the show Chuck, but do enjoy the comedic view of undercover spies. 

But the show that has inspired this post tonight, is none other than Community.  I will grant you, you have to have a slightly twisted sense of humor to truly enjoy all the quirkiness that is Troy, Abed, Shirley, Jeff, Annie, Brita, Pierce, Chang, Dean, and even Starburns, Leonard, and PopPop.  So I beg you all, do not let this bizarre, hilarious, highly quotable television show disappear! Don't let the reality shows about hoarders, animal hoarders, couch cushion hoarders (if it's not a show yet, it will be soon), bad singers, no talent performers, and pawn shop owners take over the media! Stand up for good comedy and bring back Community!

And before you ask how this relates to my theme of appreciating what I have this month, it's that I appreciate good comedy.  Something other than the cookie cutter television show where you can predict exactly when they're going to jump the shark or do a run of the mill drug addiction or teen pregnancy scare serious episode.  So today I appreciate good television as we just finished watching the Christmas episode of Community before it goes on possibly indefinite hiatus and before I go up to bed to watch Bones.  Good night all (and oh yeah, go back and find some Community episodes to watch, few things are funnier than Troy and Abed in the morning!)

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