Friday, December 9, 2011

Day 9-Ahhh, Friday at last

Today I’m grateful for Fridays.  It has been a long week and I’m looking forward to the weekend.  I get to see one of my best friends and her beautiful kids and fabulous husband tomorrow morning, we’re going out to dinner Saturday night, and hopefully sleeping in on Sunday morning while Tera gets spoiled rotten by my mom.  And then, it’s only 5 more days…

In those 5 days however, I have 3 meetings and a hearing test for Tera after which we may have to decide whether she's getting tubes in her ears.  Not sure if that will make the week go by faster or slower. 

I still have made no further progress on Tera’s stocking, I’m working on several Christmas presents, and I still have to order, address, and mail Christmas cards, but it’s ok because it’s not worth it if I get stressed about it right? I’ll just keep telling myself that…

These have been rather short and sweet lately, maybe I’m due for a long winded introspection one of these upcoming days.  Or maybe I’ll just keep them short and sweet so I have time to write them, and you have time to read them.  In my dear sister’s words, keep it real dog and Happy Friday!
A little blurry, but here's Tera and 2 of her best buds Charlie and Harper rocking their jammies at my office Christmas party tonight.

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