Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Day 6

One of the interesting things that happens around the holidays is that everyone, it seems, is in extra need of things.  There are more donation requests in the mail, email, online, etc.  And I must admit, I am a sucker for most of them.  Make no mistake, with Tera in daycare and all the additional costs associated with her, we’re by no means looking for ways to part with cash.  But this time of year always seems to make me, and probably millions of other people, feel so much more charitable. It’s one of the times of the year that I am definitely more aware of what I have and how lucky I am and I want to be able to share that with others that are in need. 

Tom and I have always tried to donate when we can to organizations our friends and family support, in part because we have asked the same thing when we did the Avon Walk, when we do the ALS Walk, and most especially this year when we did the walk for Gigi’s Playhouse.  But it’s about more than feeling like we should.  It’s about recognizing that there are organizations out there that do amazing things that help families in ways we could never imagine, except that this year I think we can imagine.  The money we helped raise (with the support of so many of you) has helped Gigi’s Playhouse which has been wonderfully supportive and helpful in these past 9 months with Tera and I’m so grateful that they are able to provide that support to other people as well. 

So yes, when it seems like I’m constantly asking Tom around this time of year, “How much do we want to give?” or usually more like saying, “By the way, I donated $____ to _____” and he just shrugs and says, “Ok, whatever you want” it’s because I am and he does and we will continue to do just that.  Because this month, for me, is all about remembering what I have in my life and appreciating that. 
My little family at the walk for Gigi's Playhouse this past June

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