Tuesday, January 3, 2012

It's party time! (almost...)

And so it begins: Tera's first birthday.  We are not crazy party people obsessed with party perfection and we're not interviewing any party planners, but we do like to have a good time and we like to showcase our individuality, and in this case, the individuality that is forced upon our daughter.  We've recently discussed the guest list with the intent of making it smaller than her celebration mostly for the fact that it will be February and not June and we don't typically have tropical winters here in the northern Chicago suburbs. But it's hard to whittle down a list when so many people have been so incredibly supportive of her and kept up for 10 months with her updates and progress.  But again, not lots of space, usually very cold outside. 

The next obstacle is the invitation.  As you may have seen from our Christmas cards, we like to be unique and this is just another challenge for Tom.  So we started brainstorming and unfortunately we're going to have to think quickly because as I've discovered in the past 10 months, when you don't want it to, time moves ever so quickly. 

And on to other Tera news, we have her pre-op appointment with the pediatrician tomorrow and while I'm not expecting anything major, with her you just never know.  She is scheduled to have the tubes put in January 18th at which time they'll also scope her throat to rule out or identify any issues there.  And in the meantime, we just hope we can extend our stretch without illness for a while more here.  Despite the constantly runny nose (which yes I know can indicate teething but she's been chewing, drooling, and either congested or runny for about 6 months now and no teeth yet), she's been doing pretty well lately.  We're working on a very carefully balanced stomach regimen complete with probiotic, Miralax, and prune juice and hopefully we can start to see some regular results.  Otherwise I fear we'll be adding pediatric gastrointerologist sooner rather than later. 

So that's in birthday and Tera news.  I'll try to post any updates tomorrow night after her appointment. 
Our attempt at a family picture...

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