Saturday, January 21, 2012

My loves

Tonight I used a wonderful gift from some very special people to help me with my post.  This Christmas I received a few gifts to aid me in my blogging adventure and one was a daily journal with a theme everyday to help inspire/encourage me to write.  Anyways...

Today was another pretty wonderful Saturday.  Some errands this morning, time at home, and a fabulous dinner.  But one of the highlights of my weekends is always being able witness the relationship between Tom and Tera.  I really don't think Tera prefers one of us to the other (maybe me when she's upset), but she loves her Daddy.  She definitely has figured out that when she sees him, it's time to be silly.  They laugh, they smile, she flies up in the air, and a good time is had by both.  She smiles every time she sees him and you can just see the love between them when they're together.  They both inspire me to sit back and relax and enjoy my time with both of them.

They are the reason I find it hard to go back to work on Mondays and they are why I look forward to being home.  They are also the reason this is short and sweet, because I need to go to bed and get ready for my sweet baby girl to wake up...

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