Thursday, January 26, 2012

Oh sweet sleep filled bliss...

I don't know what my problem has been this week.  I wake up every morning with a headache, I feel like I could fall asleep right in the middle of class every day around 11:00, I have zero energy for my workouts and I never feel like I'm getting enough sleep.  I'm a very healthy eater so the midday crash really shouldn't be related to my diet, but that would be easier to fix than to just say get more sleep. 

I've never been what anybody would call a good sleeper.  I've been told by my mom, who I suppose was there to remember this, I slept through the night pretty early on, but then really didn't nap.  Ever.  Apparently even as a child I had things to get done.  This hasn't improved much over the years.  In fact now, I don't always sleep through the night and I still don't nap.  In the past 11 months, Tera's probably slept through more nights than I have.  My husband, who can sleep pretty much anywhere, anytime, usually just suggests that I'm being silly by not sleeping, and in his wise words, "Why don't you just sleep better?" But I come from a long line of bad sleepers.  My grandma, my mom, and my sister and I could pretty much pick at least one of us and we'd be up at any given hour.  I typically go through long periods of horrendous sleep, and then pretty good sleep. The longest bad stretch I had was probably around a year, several years ago, and that's way longer than I would ever care to experience again.  I can adapt pretty well with bad or poor sleep, but at some point it obviously catches up with me.  It's also a little harder to catch up on sleep when my beautiful daughter sleeps until 5:30, sometimes 6am at the latest on the weekends.  What's really unfortunate is that even when Tom gets up with her, I still end up waking up and laying in bed trying to will myself back to sleep.  I've tried yoga, sleep CD's, relaxing lotions, aromatherapy, deep breathing, and visualization; I just suck at sleeping.  Even as I'm writing this I'm yawning like crazy. 

It's hard to blame the weather lately as even as we approach February we've had few days below 30 degrees and only one really big snow.  But despite my very blah feeling this week, I have to acknowledge today as Tera's 11 month birthday! I really cannot believe she will be one year old in exactly one month.  I don't think I could have ever imagined this time could have gone by so quickly.

Ok, time to rest up.  I still have to make it through one more day... 

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