Thursday, January 19, 2012

Resolution check in

So I thought it might be time for a little resolution check in. My two main resolutions were very closely related.  Lose remaining baby weight before Tera's birthday and workout 4 hours a week.  I'm making some progress on the weight loss front but I've learned from experience (a lot of it) that results don't happen overnight and that stressing over lack of desired results too quickly leads to failure.  So, I'm getting there.  Now the second resolution is going very well.  We're in our 3rd week and on track to be successful again.  I won't lie and say it's easier than I thought it would be and I just had to get focused and it would happen. It's hard.  It's hard to juggle 1-2 therapies a week at home, numerous doctor appointments (even more so lately), taking care of a house, working, and then trying to workout.  The reason we weren't doing it before wasn't just because we didn't want to, it's hard to make it work.  But we've both made sure to help the other one with their goal and it's going well. 

The hardest part of the past two weeks or so for me has been food, which is ironic because that's usually the one thing I have the easiest time controlling.  But it's also been an "interesting" past few weeks.  We had the holidays for two weeks, then I was on strike for 2 days the following week, then on strike for another 2 days the week after that and on top of that Tera was sick so I was actually home for 4 days last week.  Then this week she had her surgery and two therapies.  It occurred to me during her speech therapy session today that maybe next week would be a normal week again and then I realized I don't know if I know what normal is anymore.  Or if there is a normal anymore.  Every week is something different and our meals are all over the place lately.  But I know I can get that back on track and then all I have to do is keep up the workouts and the pounds will just fall off...Right.  Actually I do know I can do this; I have and I will. 

And then there are a few resolutions I wrote to myself that I've been working on.  One was picking out both my clothes and Tera's clothes for the next day.  Our mornings tend to be a little hectic, and by our I mean mine.  This was one of those things I thought could free up some time before we had to be out the door and I've done pretty well with this.

One of my more important resolutions was reading more with Tera. We did this every night for a while when she was having her bedtime bottle, but somehow we stopped and I wanted to resume this and we have.  Tom likes reading actual books to her so we just finished Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and now we're starting the Chronicles of Narnia.  We've picked books neither one of us have read so it's entertaining to us too. 

I also wanted to start actually relaxing a little at night and reading before bed instead of watching tv.  This hasn't happened. End of story. 

So that's where I stand right now.  I'll check in another month or so and we'll see how it's going...
Really I'm happy when Tera is reading with anyone and this one happend to be with AC (with a fabulous book from her other AC-Auntie Cathy)

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