Monday, January 2, 2012

Resolutions? No thanks, oh wait...

So I believe I just stated yesterday that I don't really like New Year's resolutions.  And yet today I find myself making two (although they're very closely related).  And to make matters worse, they're both workout related, how cliche!!!!! Just to make myself sound like a total hypocrite, today is probably my least favorite day of the year at the gym because it's filled with a whole bunch of people who don't know gym etiquette, the machines are all taken, and the parking lot is totally filled.  This will last till roughly February when a good chunk of those people will stop coming.  I don't want to discourage anyone from making a healthy resolution, I believe most people can improve in some area, it's just that when you choose to walk around the gym talking on your cell phone while you occasionally sit on a machine or walk at 1 mph on the treadmill so as not to wind yourself while talking, you may be able to find something better to do with your time.  Ok, enough ranting about the gym.  Seeing as how I'm not quite the regular I used to be, I probably should back off a little. 

So what two resolutions did I make you ask? Well, the first is really more of a goal than a resolution.  I really want to shed the last of my pregnancy inches and my goal is to do this before Tera's first birthday (February 26th).  I figure I have a decent chance at accomplishing that goal because I'm only about 10 lbs away (well 10lbs this week, 2 weeks ago it was only 8 lbs) from that goal and that's without really working out at all; I've been able to lose most of it by eating really well.  I learned so much about what foods affect me and what foods work for me when I trained for my competition right before I got pregnant.  I thought I'd been eating healthy (and in comparison to the average person, I definitely was) but I still had room for improvement and I made some drastic changes that have definitely worked.  But on top of just losing weight, I really do enjoy my workouts, once I'm there.  It clears my head and gives me a chance to just focus on me.  Also, I just really like being strong.  It's not just about my weight, in fact, that's never really been my main motivation, I always try to base it on how I feel about myself and how my clothes fit.  I've always weighed more than people thought and for the most part it's because I've almost always worked out in some form or another and thanks to my dad's genes, I gain a lot of muscle mass for a female.  This has its advantages and disadvantages, but I worked really, really hard to train for my competition and I was proud of what I was able to do. 

The second "resolution" I made is really more of one that Tom and I made together and it should help with my other one.  Tom proposed a challenge to me this afternoon because as he says, I like challenges.  Our challenge is this: we each need to work out at least 4 hours a week.  If we do this, we get to go out/order dinner twice during the weekend instead of just the once that we try and limit ourselves to.  If we don't both do it, no extra meal out.  He also proposed a longer term goal of trying to do it for a month and at the end of the month rewarding each of us with something we want (in my case a good example would be more shoes!). I figure we start with the short term and work our way up.  This will definitely be a challenge for both us, but not because we don't want to do it.  Mostly in our case it's just a matter of efficiently scheduling and planning.  With a minimum of one therapy a week at home and usually a doctor's visit every other week, we just really have to try and make this a priority. 

So today's results? We've both logged our first hour of the week today.  My goal is to make it tomorrow also and then Wednesday and Thursday get trickier with a pre-op visit  to the pediatrician for her tubes on Wednesday and speech therapy on Thursday.  So we'll see at the end of the week if we're cooking or ordering. 

I have some other things I'd also like to change or do better at, but I'll save those for tomorrow and see if I still feel like adding anything.  So much for no resolutions...

This was about 2 months after my first big weight loss/training adventure and something I use to remind me that I can do this

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