Thursday, January 12, 2012

Why don't they just sleep when they're tired?

This will be short and sweet due to a long evening.

So today marks the last day of my unintended, longer than usual, vacation.  Up until about 1:45pm today I kept thinking how much I missed staying home with Tera when I was on leave.  I love having her home and being at home and once again knowing how her whole day was.  I say until about 1:45pm because that is when she began her strike against sleep leading to 45 minutes of crying while fighting a nap.  Which then led to a crabby hour or two.  Then she fell asleep on me for about a half hour which I thought would help, but alas, she woke up still crabby.  She actually did eat dinner which is an improvement over the past few days, but then pretty much stayed cranky for the rest of the night leading me wonder if I could even handle staying home with her all the time (this was short lived, I was just tired and frustrated).  After dinner I played with her for a while to distract her from falling asleep too early and then we tried to put her to bed.  Tried.  I've mentioned before how my kid is incredibly easy? Yeah, she decided to challenge that idea tonight.  But after about 40 minutes of trying to get her to sleep including both of us rocking her, walking with her, and changing her pajamas, she was out. 

And now I'm back to wishing I could be home with her again tomorrow.  But I suppose I can handle one day of work this week. 

It's really hard to look at this face and stay mad...

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