Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Congestion time again

Today was just ugggghhhhh.  It wasn't a particularly bad day, but every day lately has just seemed long, exhausting, and painful in some way.  My headaches are back with a vengeance and I really need to get in to see my chiropractor.  Unfortunately, I need to schedule my appointments around Tera's many therapies and her doctor appointments.  At this point though I'm pretty sure I'm just going to have to make it work next week somehow or the Excedrin is going to be flowing like my own blood through my system. 

Then around 11 am I got a text from Tom.  He tells me it's not too serious, but that Tera's school called him and to give him a call when I get a chance.  I particularly enjoyed the "it's not too serious" part.  But I didn't freak out and run out of class panicking.  When I did call him I found out apparently she'd had a very rough morning.  Apparently each day this week her mornings have been worse and worse as far as her congestion and overall comfort level were concerned.  This is not unusual for her, but what is unusual is that it hasn't been starting until mid morning.  When she's woken up the past few mornings she really hasn't been that bad.  But apparently as the morning progresses, she gets worse and it makes her bottle feedings miserable and she's just generally uncomfortable.  Today was the worst of the three days so far when her extreme congestion led to a choking incident that scared both her and her teacher.  So they called Tom to let him know about that and that she was just not herself.  They didn't need us to pick her up so after talking to her teacher myself, I just decided I would pick her up right after I got out of school instead of going to the gym.  This was good and bad because I needed to go the gym, but I had no interest or energy to make it there anyway. 

The strangest part of this all was that by the time I picked her up, she was completely fine.  Same as yesterday.  She was also fine all night, just like yesterday.  So I'm completely perplexed as to how she can wake up fine, get super congested as the morning goes on, then be fine again by the afternoon and be fine all night.  Any ideas anyone? We've been running her cool mist humidifier and tried cranking it up a little more tonight so we'll see what happens tomorrow. 

And on top of all that fun, Tom started working on our taxes and somehow having a kid still doesn't help us all that much.  How is that even possible? She's pretty freakin' expensive!

I did however manage to get one load of laundry done, which I've been trying to get done since Sunday.  Success!

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