Saturday, February 4, 2012

Good week, bad week

This has been an interesting week.  I was so tired all week which it turns out, was probably my body's way of telling me a virus was working it's awful way through me.  It hit me hard last night around 5:00 with aches, the chills, and a slightly upset stomach with absolutely no appetite.  This was of course after I had spent the day at home with Tera because she was sick.  Fortunately she was on the mend already and mine didn't really take over until Tom was home.  This is my 4th time being sick since school started and every single time has been on the weekend.  Seeing as how I look forward to my weekends so very much, this has been traumatizing each time.  I'm currently feeling very sore, have a slightly better appetite, and a sore throat.  Could be better, but could be much worse. 

On the plus side, Tera is just cruising through milestones this week.  I already wrote about how she began the self-feeding adventure.  She's now going through puffs at ludicrous speed.  Then today I was able to witness for the first time, her pushing herself up on her hands and knees.  This is HUGE because her therapists, and Tom, have been working really hard with her on this.  I was really excited for this one because I know how important her therapists view it and I can't wait to get a picture or video and send it to them. 

And speaking of videos, one of the milestones probably not making an appearance on the developmental charts, is goal tending.  But as we discovered tonight, she seems to have mastered the kick save and while it seems like it may just be random, pretty much every time Tom was able to get the ball on the side of her body, within her leg's length, she kicked her leg out and saved it.  Witness our great goalie.
And then, as if all that weren't enough, Tera got her first hair cut today! Many of you may have seen how her hair tends to fall into what I affectionately refer to as her "Hitler hair" with it coming to a point on the side of her forehead.  No matter how many times I brush it to the side, it inevitably falls straight down and into her eyes so I had my hairdresser trim it up just a bit until the rest of her hair fills in and we can "style" it a little more.  Mostly Tom is still mourning how long it is because it just doesn't work as a mohawk anymore. 

Here's hoping to restful night and waking up to an ache-free body and happier stomach...

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