Monday, February 20, 2012

It's all about survival...

I don't even know where to start with this weekend, so let's start with Thursday night.  Speech therapy on Thursday was going okay until she had about 20 minutes left.  At that point Tera started getting really cranky so Tom tried feeding her.  That wasn't going well and then it got a whole lot worse when she threw up everything she had just eaten and then some.  That was followed by two more episodes of puking (on me both times) and a fever.  This was bad enough by itself, but my sister Lindsay and her boyfriend Josh were due in to O'Hare and then to our house for their first visit since last June and their main purpose for visiting, was passed out on our bed with a 102 degree fever.  Thursday night was fairly uneventful and both Lindsay and Josh got lots of snuggle time with our still slightly sick girl on Friday, but there was no more throwing up during the day so we thought we were out of the woods.  Mind you during this whole fiasco on Thursday, all that kept running through my mind was that either Tera and/or Tom and I would be puking on Saturday while 60 people were at our house for her 1st birthday party.

Friday afternoon I got home from work and my other sister was already there followed shortly by my in laws.  Tera was doing ok at this point, still a bit of a fever and not quite herself, but better than she had been.  We tried giving her some food, she ate some and then threw up.  Then we had to try giving her her antibiotics (for the recurrent sinus infection) and she threw up again.  At this point I was pretty sure it wasn't a stomach bug, but had no idea what it was.  We thought maybe she was having issues with her medicine, but we were just guessing.  Then came Friday night.  She coughed all night and then at 2:30 am we thought she had thrown up again and both of us jumped out of bed to check. She hadn't, but then would only sleep on one of us.  So she slept on Tom for a few hours and then on me for a while, coughing the whole time.  By the time we woke up (or really Tom because I hadn't slept since I took over as the crib) we knew we had to take her to the doctor.  We decided on a plan of attack since we had 60 people coming at 2pm.  Lindsay and I would take her into sick call at the doctor's office, and Tom and Josh would stay home and get things ready for the party. 

After running through the whole very long list of problems with the doctor, he agreed that she should be better after three weeks of antibiotics and ordered blood work and a chest x-ray.  The blood work was done in the office and the chest x-ray could be done at the other office about 10 minutes away.  He assured me he would be on the phone with the radiologist as soon as the x-ray was taken and call me right away.  Tera did really well for the chest x-ray.  They had to strap her in with her arms over her head and do two pictures, but she was a trooper like usual.  True to his word, the doctor called me at the radiologist's office to talk about the results.  The diagnosis? Pneumonia.  I couldn't believe it.  He said it wasn't very serious, just a few pockets of fluid, but that we would be starting a new round of 2 high powered anti-biotics and that if she couldn't keep them down or her symptoms got worse, hospitalization was likely.  I think I handled the situation fairly well.  After all, if it was serious, he wouldn't be telling me to go home, right? So I called Tom and we had to make the decision.  Do we cancel the party or go ahead? We decided that with only a few hours before everyone was to arrive, we would just go on as planned and try and keep her rested and with somebody from the immediate family as much as possible. 

She did great and the party was a success. Tom and Josh had done a great job of decorating and everyone seemed to have a good time.  She played along with her cake, helped me open her gifts, and visited.  She was actually awake far longer than she should have been considering none of us had slept well and she was sick.  Then came Saturday night.  Probably one of the worst, if not the worst night, we've had since she was born.  She started crying at around 11 and then was up, and I mean wide awake, until 5 am.  I was up with her until around 2:30 and then Tom took over and ended up figuring out she just wanted to play.  She had no interest in sleep.  So Sunday morning comes around and we are both like zombies.  We kept things low key Sunday and she did better Sunday night but still coughed most of the night.  This morning Lindsay and Josh packed up their stuff, we all showered, and because why wouldn't this happen, our sewer line backed up and we had to call Roto Rooter.  Over $300 later we have clear pipes again. 

I have to say, I would have thought there would have been a lot more tears on my part this weekend, but I held it together pretty well.  I'm not exactly sure what that means for the next few days as far as my nerves go, but we'll see. 

So that's the run down of my weekend.  I think tomorrow I'll delve a little more into the emotional side of all this and also plan to run down my long list of thank you's for this weekend.  So for those of you who made this weekend, not only possible, but successful and survivable, your thanks are coming tomorrow, I haven't forgotten. 


  1. Oh my gosh, I am so sorry you guys had to experience all that!!! At least Tera was able to celebrate her birthday and not be in the hospital. I must say, I can relate with all the drama of her 1st birthday.....our Madi had the exact same thing.....diagnosed with pneumonia the next day and we had to stay at the hospital.

    Can't wait to see all the wonderful pictures of the birthday girl!!! Happy 1st Birthday Miss Tera!!!

  2. It is all about survival. Pushing past all the bad. I'm sorry about pneumonia - it sucks, Seth and I both had it at the same time, he was hospitalized. It was crazy. . . but you get through it. That's the important part.