Friday, February 24, 2012

My little super-hero

All day today I've been thinking about one year ago.  I'm referring to the day of the week, not the actual date.  On this Friday last year I stayed home from work because I wasn't feeling well.  I didn't do much that day, cleaned a bit, rested a bit, but mostly just kind of felt uncomfortable.  We had talked about going to dinner with friends that night, but as the time got closer to leave, I started wondering if we really should.  Now mind you, it didn't really occur to me at that point, that I was in early labor.  We decided to go anyway and I was kind of hungry.  As we got closer to where we were meeting them, I really kind of started to hurt.  My stomach was all crampy and I was really uncomfortable.  Tom asked me a few times if we should just go home, but I figured at that point we were already almost there and I needed to eat anyway.  Then we got to the parking lot and I literally sat in the car debating whether to go in.  Our friends came over to the car and asked what was going on and I said I wasn't feeling well and Tim said maybe I was in labor.  I laughed and said I wished.  I remember very distinctly what I ate that night.  I had a side Caesar salad and nachos.  We ate, headed home, and went to bed.  And then at 2 am, it started... But I'll save that for tomorrow or Sunday. 

On another note, Tera has an early therapy session tomorrow morning.  I've been finding myself a little more excited about these sessions than usual because I'm so proud of what she's been able to do this week.  She's so determined to do things, it's inspiring.  I feel like I can almost see the motivation inside and she just works so hard to do whatever she's trying to do.  It's also exhausting because this kid just wants to move! I've said this before, but she has been active since almost day 1 of week 20 of my pregnancy.  I was so anxious to feel her move, but once she did, she never stopped.  Even the day of my ultrasound, the technician thought I had had orange juice that morning (apparently you can drink that to make the baby move more on the ultrasound) because she was moving so much inside they couldn't even get a good picture of her.  And since she was born, it hasn't changed much.  She constantly moves her legs, even while eating.  She just sits in her high chair and kicks her legs the whole time.   The newest challenge is trying to hold her while we give her the various anti-biotics she's on.  By the time we're done, I'm completely exhausted.  I'm somewhat kidding when I say that I think she hasn't gained weight quickly because she burns so many calories just moving all the time, but I'm really only somewhat kidding.  As we sat in the doctor's office on Wednesday while he was telling me how "sick" she really was, she's sitting on the table kicking her legs and ripping the paper all while trying to roll over.

 I can't wait to see how active she gets when she's a little older because I really feel like all that activity will help keep her ahead of the "pre-determined" curve.  I don't know what all she'll want to do, but I know she'll be capable of so very much.
Yes, this is my birthday "girl" after her father changed her out of her dress and messed up her hair...

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