Wednesday, February 22, 2012


So today I took Tera in for her one year checkup.  Yes, it's very hard to believe that we're at this point already, but apparently it had to happen some time.  She was supposed to get a checkup and vaccines, but because of the pneumonia, they had to hold off on the vaccines.  Her doctor did her wellness exam anyway since she kind of needed a follow up on the pneumonia and we decided to just wait on the vaccines for a week or two.  So before he starts the exam he pulls up her x-rays (I have to say I love North Shore and their instant access, and mine, to all her records).  He took one look at them and said what she actually had was a pretty sever case of pneumonia and that an adult in the same situation might have been hospitalized for 3-4 days.  Now logic says that since I know she's getting a little better each day, that shouldn't concern me, but that's not exactly what was going through my mind.  He also told me it was definitely bacterial and in BOTH lungs.  He really couldn't believe she looked and was acting as happy as she was while sitting there.  At which point I had to voice my concern about that very issue.  I really can't use her demeanor as a gauge for how sick she is and it's kind of scary to know that she was that sick and we couldn't tell.  We obviously knew something wasn't right, but not that it was that bad.  So he ordered another chest x-ray for when she finishes her anti-biotics to make sure that it's cleared up. 

Then he proceeds with his exam and I tell him that we had found some dark, waxy pieces in her ear the past two nights.  He checks her ear and tells me that she does in fact have an ear infection.  So let's just sum this up:  since February 2nd, Tera has had pink eye, a sinus infection, another/same infection, pneumonia, has thrown up multiple times, and now has an ear infection.  The first ear infection, mind you, that she's ever had and this is after she had the tubes put in.  She is now on her 5th antibiotic since February 2nd, not including the drops for her pink eye.  She was definitely acting cranky these past few weeks, but nothing compared to a lot of other kids and it's no wonder! How many other people would even be getting out of bed with all that?

They also checked her height and weight.  She's lost about a pound in the last month which isn't really surprising considering the vomiting, lack of appetite when she was running a fever so many times, and just in general being sick.  But when I checked her percentiles, my little peanut is now only in the less than 3rd percentile for weight (17.3 lbs).  That's the lowest she's ever been! Her length is now 28.75 inches and thankfully she's at least in the 32nd percentile for that. 

So our day goes like this now: She wakes up at around 5:30 am, Tom attempts to get at least 4 oz in her, we all get ready, then we do round one of the really nasty tasting anti-biotic and we now also add in 5 drops of her ear drops.  Drop her off at school, she eats well, still fights her bottles, Tom and I make it through our days, pick her up, eat dinner, then it's round number two of the nasty tasting antibiotic, the single dose a day of slightly better tasting antibiotic, and 5 more drops of ear drops.  Then she plays and we attempt to stay awake, we finally put her to bed, Tom plays video games while I write/work/get other crap done, and we collapse into bed ourselves.  We need a vacation...
This was from when she spent an hour throwing up last Thursday.  Feyla was so sweet and tried cuddling with her and at this point was actually kind of laying on Tera.  Poor Tera missed out on some serious close time with her kitty...

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