Tuesday, February 28, 2012


I feel like my life is now all about scheduling.  I've always been a pretty organized person so I'm not overwhelmed by the task of scheduling, just sometimes overwhelmed by all the stuff that does in fact have to be scheduled.  For example, this is actually a slow week for therapies, just speech on Thursday, but then on Friday Tera has her follow up appointment with the ENT for her tubes, followed by a hearing test.  Saturday we have to take her in for a follow up chest x-ray, then Tuesday she has a check up with her cardiologist.  We're also in the process of scheduling her one year review in Early Intervention with her therapists which involves coordinating the schedules of three therapists, her coordinator, and us.  At her one year review, her developmental therapist pretty much already told us she'll be recommending that Tera increase to one time a week and I'm guessing speech will be the same.  In case you're wondering, no it's not because she's all of a sudden in need of more sessions, it's more because as she gets older, they're expecting her to be able to do more and she'll need the additional sessions to ensure she reaches those upcoming milestones in a somewhat typical timeline.  We'll probably also have her evaluated by an occupational therapist to see if she's in need of those services.  I won't lie, the idea of trying to balance all of this is a little overwhelming.  The nice part is that we know we can alternate between school and home for her sessions to alleviate some of the scheduling constraints we have with two working parents.  And the fact that there are only so many hours in a week. 

We've had many people ask along the way why we have so many therapies and sessions when she seems to be doing so well.  And my response always is, if a professional thinks she needs it, we're not going to say no unless we think she really doesn't.  I'm not saying the only reason she is doing so well is because of all the therapies, but I definitely think it's a big factor.  She's a very determined little girl and also very strong so I truly believe those are the main reasons for her continued success.  However, she also has a fantastic team of people who monitor her progress, and consistently make sure we're pushing her to the next step.  They always take the time to celebrate her accomplishments, but they are also the first ones to say, "Ok, great job, but let's start working on this now". 

There are definitely times when Tom and I look at each other and wonder when we'll have a normal week.  But then we realize how far she's already come, and neither one of us is willing to sacrifice her success and progress by taking the easy way out.  So we use our fabulous iPhones to keep our lives together.  We sit down on the weekends and figure out what we have coming up and plan dinners and workouts and downtime accordingly.  So far none of it is working out the way we planned.  Our workouts happen if we're lucky and we just try to eat healthier, but then our meals are also a little harder so we do the best we can.  Downtime happens between 8pm and 10pm and that usually includes, cleaning up, laundry, paying bills, and my blogging so I can deal with it all.  But the weekends... Oh yeah, then we clean, run errands, catch up on stuff from the week, and do really try to relax.  Let me tell you, wine and martinis can work wonders. 

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