Monday, March 12, 2012

Day 12-Trains of thought

I'm sitting here wondering where to start.  I'm not being over-dramatic, I just have some thoughts swirling around and I haven't quite chosen which ones to write about.  I'm going to start with this: we were able to see Tera push onto her hands and knees (not new and actually has been more frequent the past day or two), and then she  pushed herself into sitting! I was so excited I almost teared up.  I guess this would be one of the slight advantages to having a kid with DS, you really get to enjoy when they reach a milestone because it seems to be such a bigger deal.  There are so many things I don't think we would have ever even thought of as accomplishments if we didn't have three therapists telling us about them. 

The most frustrating part lately is trying to figure out what changes she's going through and what they might be related to.  She's been a little crankier lately, not eating as well, and her napping seems to be a little off.  We of course go back to teething.  This has been what we've thought is wrong pretty much every time she's been sick for the past four months and she has yet to show the slightest evidence of actual teeth.  Everytime, we think, ok this time it's really teeth.  And then it's not.  So we go back to guessing.  Is it a stage? Sinus infection? Ear infection? I really have no idea.  One of the things I hypthesized today is about something I've read a few times.  That sometimes when kids are working on a new skill, in Tera's case maybe her getting closer to crawling, some of their other skills fall by the wayside.  So here's my hypothesis: she's working on getting onto all fours and moving, so she's stopped feeding herself for the most part.  We'll see in a few days if this is the case.  Or I'll start looking for teeth again. 

Tom also told me something today that made me think back again to last year.  He found out that one of the women that works for him has a friend that just had a baby.  And that baby has Down Syndrome.  They didn't know; it was a surprise diagnosis just like ours.  So Tom gave her his email address and told her to check out my blog, but I remember all too well that shock and the constant wave of emotions that just feel like they're holding you under sometimes.  And I remember the good feelings too.  I hope that she contacts us, but I also know those first days are so overwhelming and part of you wants to read everything and part of you wants to read nothing.  So we'll see. 

Ok, that's enough of jumbled thoughts. I need to look up more symptoms of teething...

Fact for today:
NDSSParents to anyone who receives a Down syndrome diagnosis pre or post-natally.

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