Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Day 13-Good day

Today was a pretty good day.  I'm completely exhausted and I've caved on trying to hold off counting down days until Spring Break.  I have to wake up eight more times and I must admit, I cannot wait.  I have a fairly hefty to do list for work and a shorter but still existing list at home right now and it seems that every night I have these intense dreams that last all night and when I wake up I feel like my brain never turned off.  This is actually better sleep than I was experiencing a month or so ago thanks to some great advice from a friend on the occasional use of Melatonin.  But I'm just exhausted. 

What made it such a good day is the news that my sister found out she got her dream job today.  She is finishing up her Master's degree in Public Health and was just hired by the American Academy of Pediatrics.  I'm so incredibly proud of her and it means that she will very soon be living back in the area.  That means two out of my three sisters will be in close proximity.  The other one, not so much, but I keep trying...

Then this afternoon Tera's PT and DT did an assessment of her together for her annual review next week.  They are tentatively putting her at around the 8 month mark both developmentally and physically.  I'm okay with this because I understand that there are some 8 month olds that weren't doing what she was doing at 8 months and there are some 12 month olds that aren't doing what she's doing now.  Every kid is different and while mine is chromosomally different, she works her little butt off and we are so very proud of her.  Her therapists are thrilled with her progress so far and while she's not doing everything on the list, what she is doing, she's doing very well.  It makes all those times when we're trying to keep track of what to work on, so much more worth the time and effort when we know it's paying off.  We'll find out the specifics of her progress next Wednesday with all three therapists and also discuss having her evaluated by an occupational therapist to see if we need to start that therapy or see if she's on track for right now.  It's intimidating to think about trying to add another therapy into an already full schedule, but we promised her we'd do whatever she needed so we'll make it work somehow (this is optimisic me talking, the realistic me will probably come out in a month or so when we're in the throes of trying to make it work...)

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