Friday, March 16, 2012

Day 16-Lucky little girl

Something occurred to me last night that bothered me.  Every few weeks I find myself having to go through Tera's drawers to figure out what still fits her, what doesn't, and move stuff up to front drawers so that I don't forget about it until she doesn't fit in it anymore.  See, for pretty much every month of Tera's life so far except when she was born smaller than we all expected and around the 9 month mark, she's had an over-abundance of clothes.  This is due to several factors; she's a girl, she's the only baby boy or girl on either side of the family, and she's pretty cute.  It's also the result of several women on both sides of the family that love to spoil this little girl and have since the day they found out she was on her way. 

So I go through her drawers and pull stuff out and it goes into bins for what hopefully will be another girl sometime in the future.  I say hopefully mostly for convenience sake.  We already have a bunch of girl stuff, and yes probably way more boy stuff than we should considering she is in fact a girl, but still mostly girl stuff.  These bins then go into our crawl space and wait to hopefully be used again.  This process always makes me a little sentimental because it is another reminder that my baby is getting bigger and so much of her stuff is just so freakin' cute it's hard to pack away!

What bothered me about this last night was that I have this problem at all.  It crossed my mind that it's a "problem" that she has so many clothes and then I began to think about other kids.  Far less fortunate kids that may never really wear a new piece of clothing in their life.  Kids who's whole wardrobe is hand-me-downs, Goodwill, and other clothes people have deemed not "good" anymore.  That thought made me sad because I know Tera will not know those hardships and I can't even begin to imagine how those families live.

But what made me even more sad, was the idea that Tera has so many of these things because she is so incredibly loved by so many people, and there are so many kids out there that don't believe they have one person in the world that loves them that much.  Tera is spoiled because her family loves her so much they can't help but buy her things.  Not just because they can, but because they want to.  It's not a matter of a whole bunch of people who have so much disposable income they just can't figure out what to do with all their money.  It's a matter of a whole bunch of people that see things that they think will make her happy and feel good and they want that for her. 

I think about these things when I'm at work.  How many kids do we have walking through our halls that have parents that don't give a damn where they are? How many kids are out there that just wish someone in their family would love and take care of them?  And worse, how many parents are out there that really don't give a damn where their kids are or what they're doing? There are certain things you don't truly understand until you're a parent and I can honestly say that because there were many things I didn't until Tera came along.  But it breaks my heart that any person can bring a child into this world and not just absolutely love them and want to do anything and everything for them.  I respect the parents out there that understand and realize they aren't capable or wanting to take on that responsibility and give them up in a responsible way so that their child has a chance to be loved and taken care of by someone else.  Not everyone out there is cut out to be a parent and kuddos to those people who realize that and make the right decision. 

Tomorrow my baby will wake up loved, happy, and smiling.  She will be surrounded by a group of 30 people tomorrow night who just want to see her, support her, and love her.  I will probably continue to think of those kids who don't have what she has and it will always bother me.  I will do what I can when I can to help them and in the meantime, I will take care of the life Tom and I brought into this world because no matter what happens in the rest of the world, I know that we can do that. 

Fact for today:
The bipartisan, bicameral Achieving a Better Life Experience Act (ABLE) of 2011 (S.1872/H.R. 3423) was introduced on Nov. 15th 2011. The bill, which is supported by 83 Representatives and 9 Senators, gives individuals with disabilities and their families the ability to save for their child's future just like every other American family!

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