Sunday, March 18, 2012

Day 18

Last night we went to the Gigi's Playhouse hockey night at the Chicago Express game at the Sears Center.  Being the hockey fans we are, it was kind of a no brainer that we would attend when we heard about it, but I had no idea we'd be joined by 30 of our family and friends.  It was so great to have everyone there and it meant so much to Tom and I.  Though I say it over and over again, I'm still constantly amazed and touched that we have so much support from our family and friends.  It was St. Patrick's Day and everyone could have easily been celebrating some place else, but they chose to spend it with us and a cause that is important to us and though I've said it so many times already, I'll continue to say thank you to everyone who supports us in events like this. 

During the game last night, between the 1st and 2nd periods, an organization that teaches special needs kids gymnastics, cheering, figure skating, and dance, performed.  Tom and I went out to watch them and it was another moment for me where it felt like it was just the two of us and we were watching Tera's future unfold in front of us.  It's so amazing to see what other people are willing to do for kids with special needs and even more impressive to see young people doing it.  I think there are mixed emotions for both of us when we see events like this because on the one hand we really believe in the opportunities that will exist for Tera in whatever activity she chooses to do (as long as it's on skates).  But on the other hand, it's a reminder that it will be different for her.  I wouldn't necessarily stop at any other group of girls performing and think it's incredible.  I might be impressed, but I don't think I'd think about it for much longer afterwards and that's something that makes this different and reminds me that she's different. 

This week Tom and I agreed to be the co-chairs for the McHenry Playhouse for the 5k run in June.  We're both excited to be a part of such a big fundraiser and something like this makes me feel like I'm doing something positive during those darker times when self-pity rears it's angry head.  Those days don't happen as much as they used to, but I won't deny there are times, maybe not whole days anymore, when it definitely still happens.  During those times I try to remember that she's really doing very well and things could be much worse, but sometimes I don't want to try and make myself feel better, I just want to sulk and wallow and I think I deserve that every once in a while; we both do. 

Fact for the day:
Congressional Down Syndrome Caucus (CDSC) has over 70 Members of the House of Representatives, and is led by Reps. McMorris Rodgers (R-WA), Pete Sessions (RTX), Van Hollen (D-MD), and Holmes Norton (D-DC). The mission of the CDSC is to educate Members of Congress and their staff about Down syndrome. The Caucus support legislative activities that would improve Down syndrome research, education and treatment and promotes public policies that enhance the quality of life for those with Down syndrome. Join forces with the CDSC and advocates for people with Down syndrome by signing up to receive advocacy action alerts from NDSS!

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