Monday, March 19, 2012

Day 19-Education

Only two more days until World Down Syndrome Day and I brought it into my classroom today.  I've always felt that school is more than just the subject you teach.  It's about a well-rounded education; which is why I make my students speak correctly and have asked them to do research papers with proper grammar and spelling all while sitting in math.  Today, I gave them an extra credit opportunity all while raising awareness for Down Syndrome. I told them that for 10 points extra credit, they could write down why World Down Syndrome Day is on Wednesday and also to give me one fact about Down Syndrome that is separate from the significance of Wednesday.  Most of them were excited for any extra credit opportunity, but since they all know about Tera, I'd like to think they found it just a little bit interesting.  I actually had a few that already knew what it was.  I'm excited to see what they turn in on Wednesday and what fact they include.  I'm also curious if it will spark any conversations or questions. 

On another note, tonight we had our first conference call as co-chairs for the Gigi's 5k Fun Run/1 mile walk.  Tom and I will be in charge of recruiting and organizing the registration and t-shirt aspect of the event.  This is something that the McHenry Playhouse has handled before so we are feeling pretty good about having taken on something that our location has experience with. 

Ok, so tonight is mostly an update.  Just not feeling a whole lot of inspiration.  Maybe tomorrow...

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