Friday, March 2, 2012

Day 2-Oh those sweet little ears...

Today was one of those days I got to deal with one of the many "side effects" of Tera having DS.  Most of you know that after four failed hearing tests, Tera had tubes put in her ears in mid January.  Today she had her follow up appointment with the ENT and also another follow up hearing test.  She did great during the behavioral hearing test in which I sit with her in a sound proof room and the audiologist plays sounds in different parts of the room and rates her based on how she responds to the sounds.  She also had this done about a month ago with her two audiologists at SEDOL (Special Education Department of Lake County) and did very well then also, showing a big improvement over the first time they performed the test.  The actual diagnostic tests done today also seemed to show that there was improvement from before the tubes.  Obviously good news, but we kind of already knew that based on the same tests at SEDOL.  Then we saw the doctor and after about two seconds of attempting to look in her ears with the regular scope, decided he might as well just use the giant scope.  The reason for this is because she has VERY small ear canals.  Not the smallest her doctor has ever seen as he informed us, but pretty damn small. 

I refer to this as a "side effect" because one of the many characteristics common in people with DS is small canals and passageways.  Their ear canals are very often smaller than usual which is one of the causes of chronic ear infections and fluid that doesn't drain.  Small nasal passages are also one of the reaons she's more prone to sinus infections; that, and a somewhat underdeveloped immune system. 

Anyway, once he was able to use the giant scope on her ears, he discovered a blockage in the left tube.  This of course led to him having to remove the blockage which entailed a nurse holding her head still and me pinning down her arms and legs with my body.  Not only was there a blockage, but there was also very thick fluid behind the blockage, which then had to be removed.  So then on top of already being tired, she was now very uncomfortable and we now have MORE drops that need to be put in her ears.  It took me 20 minutes to calm her down and then at least she was able to sleep in the car. 

So for now it's seven days of drops.  Again.  Then we go back in two months unless there are problems that come up between now and then.  Right now it's not even the stress of having to deal with her being sick, I'd just really like for her to feel healthy and comfortable for a few weeks before the next onslaught of germs attacks.

Today on Pinterest (which I'm still figuring out) I found something that just seems to ring true lately.
Dear Life,
When I say 'Things could not get any worse', it is Not a challenge.  

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