Monday, March 5, 2012

Day 5-That's it! They're coming out!

And today I wonder again, why? Without confirmation as of yet, I have a suspicion that Tera might have another sinus infection.  Does a person really need their sinuses? Because I’m really wondering if she’d be better off without them.  She still hasn’t even been able to get her one year vaccinations because we had to wait until she was clear of the pneumonia , now this?  She finished her antibiotics last Tuesday morning so we haven’t even made it a week yet and I really have to wonder, what do we do at this point? Is it a new one or the same one that didn’t clear up last time.  If it’s a new one, it seems like she would have hardly had enough time to even get a new one since she’s been off her medicine and if it’s the same one, what the hell will knock this out? Four different types of antibiotics in 26 days isn’t enough? I’m really at a loss.  And no, I don’t know for sure if that’s what is, but I haven’t been wrong yet on this one. 

I’ve read that sometimes doctors will prescribe a low dose antibiotic for the course of a year to help keep the infections from starting, but I really hate that idea.  Tom and I are not people to over-medicate and one of the first questions we’ve asked both practices we’ve been to is how likely they are to prescribe medicine when it’s not completely necessary because we didn’t want her to be on something every time she has the sniffles.  But so far, every time she gets the sniffles, it turns into a sinus infection at best and pink eye, an ear infection, and pneumonia at worst. 

We got the results of her chest x-ray and they said the pneumonia is improving.  I didn’t even know that was an option, I pretty much assumed they would tell us it was either gone or hadn’t improved.  Now I have the added worry of another sinus infection making the pneumonia worse before it gets better. 

Tomorrow she has her check up with the cardiologist so I’m really hoping we have some good news there. 

I’m not feeling terribly positive about Down Syndrome today.  Not quite at the cursing stage yet, so Tom will have to wait for that outburst, but definitely not positive.  But here’s the fact of the day:  The life expectancy for people with Down syndrome was 25 in 1983 and is 60 today.

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