Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Day 6-More doctors...

So this is another one of those good news, bad news type of days.  We had Tera's check up with the cardiologist today and once again, he's happy with her progress.  She didn't have the echo done this time, but her EKG was unchanged which is fine because major improvements don't usually happen in 6 months.  Also, her murmur sounded a little louder.  This may seem like a bad sign, but in fact it's actually a very positive sign. As a hole gets smaller, it has to push the same amount of air through a smaller space making the sound louder, so the louder murmur actually means the hole is getting smaller.  Her next appointment will be in six months and he'll probably do the echo then. 

The bad news is we then had to go the pediatrician for either shots, a sinus infection, or both.  She wasn't able to get her one year vaccinations at her one year exam because of the pneumonia so I figured I would just schedule them for today after her cardio appointment.  However, as I said yesterday, we were suspecting she has another sinus infection and apparently the pneumonia isn't completely gone so we weren't sure if they would do the vaccinations or not, but figured we had to take her in for the possible infection anyway.  Basically it looks like she does in fact have another sinus infection. 

I talked to him about what we could possibly do to keep this from repeatedly happening and also what might be causing it.  He told us that in her case, every time she is exposed to a virus, it basically triggers a sinus infection and that until she stops getting viruses (hopefully when winter is actually over) she'll probably just continue to get them.  He told us to try and use the saline spray as much as possible to keep her sinuses lubricated and clear and that hopefully that would help prevent them.  I'm also going to look into doing a saline flush and see how that goes.  We did decide not to give her antibiotics this time.  For anyone who may not know, many types of infections will actually clear up on their own without antibiotics; sinus infections and ear infections included.  The main reason for antibiotics is to speed up the process and help ease discomfort.  But it's pretty clear nothing is bothering this kid so Tom and I were not only willing to bypass another medication, but thrilled that he was the one that suggested it.  I also brought up the possibility of allergies being the cause behind the infections.  Seasonal allergies run in my family and mine have been awful this winter.  He said that if hers were allergies, the symptoms would be more consistent and not so much up and down like what hers do.  It is a possibility, but we're going to hold off on having her see an allergist for now. If the infection seems to get worse, we can just email or call him to start the medication. 

We also talked about how it could affect the pneumonia and he told us that since she's been without symptoms for a while now, she should be okay, but just to keep an eye out for any new or worsening symptoms. 

She was able to get two of the four shots she needed.  We held off on the chicken pox and MMR vaccinations since those can affect a weakened immune system and that seems to pretty much sum her up lately.  She took the two she got like a champ, minimal crying, and we packed up and headed home.

By the time we got home we were both exhausted.  Even with both of us at the appointments, it's tiring to carry around and entertain a one year old at two different doctor appointments; one where the doctor was behind and one where she had to get shots.  We were able to get out though and enjoy the weather and take Tera and Jaina for a walk, which we all kind of needed.

But I am just so tired.  I'm trying not to think about the fact that Spring Break isn't too far away now and just focus on trying to get through these weeks.  I'm just tired of being tired.  All three of us need a break from life and being sick and I'm not sure when that will actually happen.  I think June may be it...

And now for today's fact: There are over 400,000 people living with Down Syndrome in the United States. 

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