Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Easter preparations

Tom and I host many holidays at our house.  Over the years, we've gotten pretty comfortable with this role and with the addition of Tera, it's actually a little easier because we don't have to pack her up.  We have tried to become more reasonable and let other people help us by bringing dishes, and that seems to work out pretty well.  But no matter how simple we try and keep things, I'm always trying to make everything perfect.  Since Tom almost always handles the cooking (he loves it and is good at it), I'm left with the decor and food "accessories".  I try and make the table festive, put out our china in a decorative manner, and add in little details like flowers, special coffee, and sometimes I get to cook something.

This year, we are hosting Easter per usual.  For most of the other holidays, I have bins full of decorations.  But Easter, is pretty bare, mostly because I don't like many of the Easter decorations out there.  This year though, I have been determined to find something to make our house Easter festive.  and I'm failing.  It's really hard for me to justify spending money on decorations that I don't love and that's probably a good thing for our bank account, but I still have nothing that makes my house look any different now than it did right after Christmas. 

So today at Target I bought an inexpensive felt Easter basket, filled it with some of that weird plastic-like string, and put some candy in it.  I think that may be the extent of what I do for this holiday this year. I realized today our family doesn't care if I have any decorations up.  They probably don't care if we have food as long as Tera is there.  I think we will still plan on having food, and Tera, and this year Tera does have her own, personalized Easter basket, and we'll be coloring eggs in a week, so I think between all of that, I can forget about the decorations that I don't like and just stick with trying to get our house ready for company while watching a kid that seems to get into EVERYTHING these days.  That should be enough of a challenge. 

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